Will Algorithmic Typography Replace Font Designers?

What Is Algorithmic Typography? Will It Replace Font Designers?

The other term used for algorithmic typography is parametric photography. Algorithmic typography is all about having fun with the fonts. It is not quite easy to explain it in a few words. Well, as we all are aware that modern typography is already made with the help of computer programs. Algorithm based tools have made the job of typographers quite easy though. In algorithmic typography a mathematician, instead of using a graphic designing tool to shape every individual letter, uses a set of formulae to define attribute for the entire batch to be used in a website design. They can not only use this to simple save their time and energy as well.

All it takes is to come up with a particular algorithm to define the properties of the font such as serifs or distinctive curves and you can save ample time. As you know that modern fonts need more than 600 characters, if you simply start with the base then an algorithm modifies the whole character set in a go. So time as they say is money and must be saved and not wasted.

Elementar is a special font system specifically designed so that digital typography becomes even more flexible. It enables one to adjust the height, width and the shape of a letter so they can apply countless variation in the same document simply. They can create variety without even have to let go of money that is needed in order to buy other fonts that are just a bit different. Algorithmic typography is also very effective when it comes to creating an animated text for a web design. A designer named Andy Clymer developed an Obsidian using code to trigger light that falls on the letterforms, and thus eliminating the need to draw lines with hands.

Can it replace font designers?

Algorithmic Typography and Replace Font Designers

Such changes sometimes might bring a revolution in a particular field or area. They not only allow creative individuals to take their art to a whole new level but they also welcome everyone. Photographers do not seem quite happy with the fact that smartphones and DSLRs have made everyone think they are the masters of photography. Illustrators on the other hand also complain that image editors have filled the entire market and are nothing but a bunch of amateurs willing to work at a cost as low as free.

Typography is a very complex art as compared to traditional drawing or photography that anyone can do without prior training or knowledge. So, when algorithms are there, they might do much benefit to typography and make it more complex.

There is an online tool Metaflop that is making it quite easy for the users. It simply makes it easy to work on three fonts simultaneously and even download the result and start working on it too. Most probably there will come a time when no one will need to pay a professional to do the job as technology is seeping slowly in everyone’s life and taking over.