UAE Interior Ministry Starts Using E-Passport PKI Solution

UAE Interior Ministry Starts Using E-Passport PKI Solution

The Interior Ministry of United Arab Emirates has started using e-passport public key infrastructure PKI solutions to verify the authenticity of electronic passports at its border control checkpoints. This amazing solution was provided by an Abu-Dhabi based Emirate German Security Printing LLC (EGSP) company. This PKI solution will also help to speed up the border processes of authentication of e-passport data on different borders of the country.

It will also help the border control team to check that whether foreign and domestic passports of people travelling outside or coming into UAE are genuine and unaltered. It will also help them combat the identity fraud cases with ease. Trusted and verified biometric information in the e-passports will also help to make the border clearance process automated and speed up the border crossing with ease.

All the e-passports have embedded chips which prevents the undetected manipulation of the personal data of the passport owner. The border authorities can also verify the authenticity of the passport data by using the Public Key Directory of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).  The border authorities completely rely on having proper access to prequalified certificates which are also known as Document Signer Certificates and any other public key infrastructure data for the border clearance process.

Interior Ministry of United Arab Emirates has also introduced the National PKD system which can be used to examine the data obtained from the ICAO, PKD and from other sources. After examining the data the appropriate certificates and certificate revocation lists are sent to all document verification systems at all border control posts in the United Arab Emirates.

In the year 2011, United Arab Emirates became the first Middle East country to join the ICAO PKD. Today, after using the e-passport PKI solution it has become the first country in the Middle East which has implanted the National PKD solution at its all border control posts. For the proper implementation of the security solution, EGSP was supported by the partners named as HJP Consulting GmbH and Secunet Security Networks AG.