Top Contemporary Artists in the U.A.E

neptune by pop art artist suzi nassif

Contemporary Art in layman terms is the art generated in the late 20th Century. It is greatly influenced by factors such as cultural diversity and technological advancements around the globe.

In the United Arab Emirates, there has been a rise of various artists who carry the contemporary art flag such as

Suzi Nassif

The products from this multi-talented artist are easily accepted in the galleries and highly desired by many. As evidenced by pieces such as Winehouse featuring Amy Winehouse and flame it is clear that this renowned artist has owned her spot in contemporary portrait art. Her work has also been exhibited at many international art exhibitions and many awards have been won for them. Her pieces are accessible in various galleries in Dubai.

Hassan Sharif

This contemporary artist was born and lived in Dubai and also had an interest in teaching. The aged artist who belonged to a group of contemporary artists known as “the Five” was well known for his skill in creating artistic expressions from plastic bags and magazines.

It was under his hand that contemporary art in Dubai underwent a tide of change. He is considered to be one of the talented pioneers who paved the way for others in the world of art.

  1. Lawrie & Asmaa Shabibi

This artist is a part of a duo that showcase their paintings that can be varied in style. Their contribution to Contemporary art in Dubai has been taken to a new level and hence creating much interest for an art lover.

  1. Shirin Neshat

She is considered as one of the iconic artists in contemporary artistry. This Iranian powerhouse is best known for her work in photography, video and, film. Her important pieces include the film Rapture (1999) that analyzes the relationship between women, religious and cultural value systems of Islam.

As well explained in her own words “…. I hope the viewers of my work “take away with them not some heavy political statement, but something that really touches them on the most emotional level….”


  1. Mohammed Kazem

His pieces are well presented in galleries such as Carbon 12 gallery, Aicon gallery among other private and public displays.

Mohammed Kazem is well known for working with video, sound art, photography, found objects and performance art and his work is well recognized and appreciated. One of his considered best creations may be a raft floating away in the ocean

  1. Mottahedan Projects

Pioneered by the great Mohammed Mottahedan, this gallery’s support for unconventional paintings allows artists to share and at times sell their pieces with the world. A lot of artists have presented their work to the gallery’s exhibition for awareness.


With the aid of the above -mentioned artists (among others) contemporary portrait art is an evolved field that connects with every generation. The contribution presented by the above artists is not only enough to understand the meaning of art but to also keep an art lover hooked with the changing times.

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