Thirteen Novel Leaves for Dubai Government Employees

government employees - Thirteen Novel Leaves for Dubai Government Employees

The new regulation commits the supervisors to react to leave asks for inside ten days. The government employee in the country will get thirteen sorts leaves according to the new policy applicable from first month of 2019, as declared by Dubai Government HR edict.

The report in Emarat Al Youm, explains the new leaves as:

  1. Yearly vacation
  2. Sick leave
  3. Holiday without wage
  4. Childbearing Holiday
  5. Vacation for country duty and reserve
  6. Parenthood leave
  7. Attending events
  8. Accompanying sick leave
  9. Leave for spouse
  10. Haj Pilgrimage vacation
  11. Lamentation Leave
  12. Educational Vacation
  13. Permission in case of demise-related issues


Also, the yearly leave days have expanded and have been connected to the working grades of the workers: for staff with grade XII or more thirty working days leave are allowed, grade IV to XI, twenty five working days, and for rank III or beneath eighteen working days leaves are approved.

The new law commits the supervisors to react to leave applications as the earliest. If the response is delayed, the leave will considered approved after ten days of applying.




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