The Finest Wearable Technology to Keep you Fit

11 4 - The Finest Wearable Technology to Keep you Fit

In today’s fast paced digital world we are living in technology from head to toe. From smart watches to pedometers, fitness trackers and bracelets, wearable technology actually looks like a designer accessory. These stylish tech accessories for all-day use are actually improving our lifestyle and making individuals more efficient and steadfast.

The emerging landscape of wearable tech is extensively changing the way we live and communicate.

We have collected a few fitness tracking devices that are easy-to-use and affordable. Read on to know more about these best wearable tech gadgets beneficial to improve your lifestyle.

1.      Fitbit Charge HR:

Fitbit Charge HR is a fitness tracking smart device that monitors your heart rate. This smart and affordable slim band with good battery life combines heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring and fitness. This hard-to-beat combination makes Fitbit Charge HR performance-obsessed fitness fanatics.

It also tracks workouts, calories burned, floors climbed, distance covered along with the active minutes and steps.

2.      Jawbone Up:

Invented with style, this fitness tracker features the best fit together with superior software, and looks like a bracelet. This everyday fitness band helps users towards their daily goals. It is far more economical than any other fitness tracking wristband available on the market.

This comfortable and accurate activity tracker that looks like a bracelet. It’s splash-proof and comes with 3 single color LEDs; orange for activity mode, blue for sleep mode, and white is for the notifications.

3.      Bellabeat Leaf:

Leaf is a fashionable fitness tracker exclusively designed for women. It looks like a jewelry piece that can be used as a bracelet or necklace or can be clipped on clothes. But, better to keep it near your heart for enhanced functioning. It seamlessly incorporates into everyday life and you can easily swap it from your work to play or gym look.

You can add custom activities to this smart device based on your daily schedule. It’s an amazing combination of activity tracking, menstrual cycle, smart alarms, sleep insights and breathing exercise

4.      Misfit Flash

It’s another easy-to-use, versatile and affordable fitness tracking smart devices. It monitors your activity, tracks steps and measure the sleep quality. This sleek and sporty fitness tracker is waterproof and therefore, can be used while swimming. It works a kind of wristwatch too.

The best thing about this device is that it can last 6 months on a single battery. It comes with a clip-on accessory so that you can either wear on your wrist or dangle from your keychain, or clip onto your belt as you feel comfortable.

5.      Garmin Forerunner 225:

As the name implies, this smart device is exclusively launched for runners. It tracks the user’s all-day activities as well as the heart-rate. Runners cannot go wrong with this one-of-a-kind Garmin GPS running watch on their wrists. The clip is nice and secure

Forerunner 225 features 2 modes; Standby, and Sport. It comes with an optical sensor for improved results and easy use.

6.      Q Motion:

Q Motion is a cylindrical shaped activity tracker and is Fossil’s first wearable technology that tracks sleep. It is on display at SXSW 2016, Austin. Its sale with $95 price tag will be started this summer.