The Craze to Be a Hard-Wired Lover of Celeb Memorabilia

The Craze to Be a Hard-Wired Lover of Celeb Memorabilia-Yesgulf

Every so often people go crazy when their favorite celebrity memorabilia are put on the auction. No matter how bizarre the collectables can be, fans just dislike losing the bid. This celebrity worship syndrome is on the high rise like never before.

I remember the time when only the good stuff like automobiles, watches, furniture and outfits of big names specifically the artists, movie stars etc, were acknowledged for auction. But, now the most insane items are also getting place in public sale-a serious bidding war is all set to start.

Creative Moments Builds Momentum-YesGulf

Creative Moments Builds Momentum:

Did it ever cross your mind why people pay high for trivial things at auctions? And, what makes people crazy about Celebrity Auctions?

Auction prices depend on two factors including character and the physical contact-passing on their essence in the most enigmatic way. This is the mystique of a celebrity and the magic of his touch that encourages people to spend more than a college education cost on a 40 dollar desk chair just because Hemingway while sitting on it enjoyed whiskey and hate women

Amazing are the things like dirt socks, nude paintings,  finding their way out to the auction, but more insane, I think are the people spending money irresponsibly on items of almost not use.

Hitler’s Champagne Bottle was sold for $2,271, now I wonder what that person will do to it; just showcase it like a spoilt brat, try to drink in it or what? I have no clue. If anyone can resolve the puzzle, so nice of him. Another peculiar example is Ernest Hemingway’s sexy note he wrote to Marlene Dietrich (legendary actress) in 1955 and it’s supposed to be of worth $50000 in an online auction. Want to get it to impress your lover? She cannot be if you are a real jerk. Be nice instead, and she would be more pleased.

I have only hint to this insanity and that is one must play his role in charity works by all possible means.

Celebrity Charity Auctions-yesGulf

Celebrity Charity Auctions:

Too young I was when someone told me ‘Deity of love is blind’. It is one of the commonly prevailing stances, indeed a belief in many societies. I actually started believing in it as I observed the way a fanatic lover’s approach of ‘Do or Die’ to get hold on any item that is somehow linked to their much loved star. What you call him? A Weirdo or an insane spending huge money on trivial things. But, one must not forget love is blind and eyes are opened only if your pocket get crashed.

We are on the same boat of admiring and loving the celebrities coupled with being fascinated of their lifestyles. But, I can never ever had such a big heart to flat my pocket just to own few items of my ever beloved Nelson Mandela, Tom Cruise, Adele Laurie, Russell Crowe, Judi Dench and few more of course. Charity is highly a different realm and would love spending for that. When celebrities donate their collectables for charity auctions, its moral responsibility of affluent people to be the sound part of these efforts. 

What Celebrities Earn In Return-YesGulf

What Celebrities Earn In Return?

With the lifetime fame, fans love and hefty bank accounts, why a celebrity needs putting his/her castoffs for auction. Certainly, it’s a great way to be remembered for long even after getting deceased. Even the dead stars are profited from the auctions of their used items, for the reason people will not forget them ever.

As auctions are often held for charity purposes, all the money collected is then donated to the needy. Every society has people looking for monetary support and charity auctions is one of the best ways in this regard. Celebrity auctions sites are ramping up as the future of charity and generous fans seem more active here in this noble cause.

Becoming a part of charity auction ecosystem will certainly add considerable glow to their corona. Some nice PR will also come in the way of celebrities.

For instance, Madonna is one of the highest-earning celebrities. In her memorabilia’s auction last year, 140 items were added and expected to fetch a combined total of not less than $500,000=Dh1.83 million (Reuters reported in Celeb News).

Gulf and Celebrity Auctions-YesGulf

Gulf and Celebrity Auctions:

Arab celebrities like Emirati singers Al Sayez Al Saeed and Aryam are not behind in the race of charity auctions and lend the power of their collections to support the penurious people. They and many others appreciably donated their belongings to be auctioned off in fund raising event organized by Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre few years back.

A photograph captured by Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (crown prince of Duabi) and signed by him, was also auctioned for the price of Dh 100,000.