The CoachLink – Find A Coach in UAE

The CoachLink

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 24 December 2019

The CoachLink, a new online platform for coaches has launched this season. The CoachLink is a unique place to find coaches for coaching services in different areas of professional and non-professional fields. This website is source of connectivity for hundreds of people who are looking to find the right coaching services from the best certified coaches in Dubai. The launch of The CoachLink has been taken by storm and is already the talk of the town.

The CoachLink makes use of filters to help users find coaches according to their requirements. The users may run search by narrowing it down to location, services, and expertise or certification. The filters have been designed to help the users on with their searches so that they spend less time in looking for the right person to answer their needs. The website is unique because it has hundreds of profiles of certified coaches who are offering their expert services at different prices. The coaches’ profiles are very detailed and offer updated information to the users.

The best feature is the availability of twenty minutes free consultation by all coaches. The offer allows the users to understand whether the person is the right coach or not and they may make their decisions after those free 20 minutes with the selected coach. The online system of setting up a call with a coach is a unique feature that allows better way of reaching out to the coach. The rating available on the profile of each coach will help the users in selecting their best fit as well. Review all the ratings on the coaches’ profile before making your selection.

Coaching is a great means to ensure learning and development. The CoachLink is an impressive project by the diversity and inclusion advocate and recruitment expert Saleha Surti. This is her second business. Saleha Surti has been running Women Talent Connect a leading women’s recruitment agency in Dubai since 2017. She has established The CoachLink with the purpose of encouraging connectivity between learners and coaches so that maximum development and training is made possible. Her vision is to dissolve the stigma around being coached and encourage the culture of coaching in Dubai and the whole of the UAE.

The CoachLink is suitable for individuals as well as corporate. The website has a form for corporate that once submitted allows the team at The CoachLink to match the requirements of the corporate with the right available coaches and make connectivity possible. The corporate may directly recruit coaches as need according to the recommendation provided by The CoachLink. Connecting corporate with coaches is free of cost. The CoachLink takes pride in helping business owners as well as corporates with their long term business goals and offers this unique support system. In order to find your best coaches in the UAE, visit The CoachLink website today and browse through the profiles of coaches for your best pick. The solution is easy and quick.

Contact Details:

The CoachLink Website:

Address:   Dubai – UAE, PO Box :300689

Phone:  +971 568345643



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