The website and associated features and services are made accessible to you in compliance with the set terms and conditions and policies. All users are requested to read the terms and conditions carefully before using or registering on the website.

The terms and conditions of the website are a binding legal agreement between the user and Yesgulf. Acceptance of these terms and conditions is mandatory for the usage of the website and its services. It should also be noted and agreed upon that the terms and conditions available at the time of registration will be applicable to your account with the website. The formulation of terms and policies is a continual process and you will be informed whenever these are altered. In the case of any disagreement to the new terms and conditions, you are free to discontinue your account with us.

Age Restriction:

By agreeing to the terms and conditions the user is giving a legal undertaking about his / her age which according to policy should be more than 21 years. The user should also understand and keep in mind that compliance with the terms and conditions is the actual legal binding contract between him / her and the website.


To avail most of the services and features of the website, the user is required to register with the website. The user can hold one account with the website at one time. Trying to create more than one account is not permissible.

The registration is free of any monetary charge. YG holds the right to reject any registration with or without any justification or reason. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are committing that the personal information that you have provided is accurate, authentic and comprehensive. If any of the given information alters in the course of time you use the website, you are required to update your information to its current and latest status. Website will not be responsible for any miscommunication or loss of information due to the inability of the user to update information on a timely basis.

While using YG website, do take into consideration that this is a community-based social website. Any information that you share on this platform publicly will be prone to copy, download and sharing. To understand how and what information the administration will be handling can be seen in our privacy policy.

Administration Messages and Notifications:

The website administration may notify you about different website related information. This can be done by general notification on the website for mass communication or by private messages through emails for a particular issue or request or policy change pertaining to particular accounts.

By agreeing to our policy you also give Yesgulf the right to communicate through your account or other personal information like email, phone number, and postal address. Please refer to account settings for authorizing the medium of sending notification and promotional material.

YG Website Features:

Yesgulf provides a community and forum based platform for users to interact with other people on the basis of their interests, nationality, locality, and professions. Users are welcomed to join any of the communities and groups. However, Yesgulf does not hold any responsibility of any communication or commitment for data exchange or meet up that goes within the group. Nor are we responsible for the actions of any group leader. You are free to join or leave any group or community you want to at any given point of time.

Content on the Forums:

The website has a number of forums for the users to join and interact through. These forums are formulated on the basis of Events, offline meet-ups, living communities, professional interests, nationality groups and other interests that the users have.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions you are undertaking that submitting, sharing, distributing, displaying, uploading, liking, posting, publishing, and publically sharing information and content or reviewing, rating and commenting on any forum, you will follow the guidelines:

  • You will respect all monotheistic religions and refrain from disrespecting Islamic beliefs
  • You will respect the political regime of UAE and its symbolic institutions
  • You will respect the culture and traditions of the UAE
  • You will not in any way disrespect national and social unity
  • You will not provoke or entice any sectarian or tribal conflict
  • You will respect and avoid criticizing any national or international policy adopted or formulated by UAE
  • You will not abuse the political, social or economic systems of the state and will not spread false news and biased rumors
  • You will respect the instructions of the state regarding promotion of national integrity and citizenship in the media labor market
  • You will not publish or share any information or propaganda to harm children or women or other social groups to promote violence
  • You will abide by the intellectual property rights
  • You will agree to any change and up gradation in the YG website terms on timely basis
  • You will not do mass messaging or spam
  • You will agree that Yesgulf website is not responsible for any conduct or behavior that you display on any of the forums nor has any responsibility for any content you share on the website
  • You are responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of any information you share and ensure none of the content is misleading and stolen and that you own the rights to the content
  • You warrant that any media or content you share has been extended rightfully by the owner to be shared or publish or reproduce on any forum and fulfill moral codes of ethics
  • You agree to share and reuse of the content that you share with other users. If however, your content is exclusive and confidential, refrain from using or sharing it on any of the forums or any portion of the website. Yesgulf will not be responsible for its confidentiality
  • The website will not be responsible for storing, process or maintain any content that you share on forums while using the website
  • The website is not an agent for any third party and does not sell, re-sell or extend license for any kind of third party merchant or service provider
  • The information provided on the website regarding any service or product is for the general informative purpose. Yesgulf is not liable in any way to be considered as the legal or financial asset in any of the shared information. Nor does the website endorse any merchandise or service.

Permissible use:

This website is solely for the purpose of personal and non-commercial purposes. YG prohibits you from doing the following:

  • Use this website for violating any law or regulations of the state
  • Use this website to share any content that infringes the copyright, trademark and intellectual property rights
  • Sell, modify or exploit the content on the website for commercial purposes
  • Access unauthorized account or data
  • Attempt to breach system security and network
  • Use the website to share or distribute content that is violent, indecent, defamatory, harassing, threatening, abusive, hateful or embarrassing for other users or parts of society
  • Sharing images, content or statements that are sexually explicit
  • Use the website to share or display content promoting gambling, drugs, violence, extremism and distribution or consumption of narcotics
  • Steal or use any of the HTML or other code of the website by copying
  • Give false personal information for the purpose of misguiding yourself to impersonate as someone else
  • Collect and store data of other users and their email addresses
  • Send unwelcomed promotional material to the users of the website and sending mass messages
  • Using content that may contain viruses, Trojans, worms, bots and time bombs or any other software that may harm or inversely affect the working and functionality of the website
  • Attempt to decode, decompile and steal any data or information or code of any portion of the website or database

Report Abuse:

While using the website if you come across anything that can be considered as the violation of the terms and conditions please contact our support team to report. You may also come across some content on the website that you may find disturbing, but that content can’t be removed. In such cases please use your account settings to set preferences as such that you may not come across similar content in future.

This website is intended to be used within the UAE and all the rules and regulations of the state apply to this website. If users from other countries want to use it they have to agree and follow the rule of the state of UAE.

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