Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review-YesGulf

There is nothing to contradict that Samsung Galaxy note series has boost started the large screen smartphone market. Apple might have also defined the original smartphone market and later with its large screen iPad, but the smartphone niche was carved out professionally by Samsung when it released its first Galaxy Note in the year 2011. In the recent two months period, after the successful launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung’s sales reached over ten million units all around the world.

This is indeed an impressive shot in the dark, as I remember during the launch of Note 2, Samsung executives admitted that the sale results of Note 2 has been surprising. You can say for Samsung it was simply another niche which had showed a lot of potential. Today, Apple is also selling large screen iPhones and iPads, which was really unthinkable for Apple just a few years back. However, unfortunately for Samsung the release of iPhone 6 Plus poses some kind of problems.

There are many who believe that iPhone is one of the best smartphones today and it is also coming with a large screen, so what reason is there to stay with Samsung Galaxy Note range? Samsung has really worked hard to make its Note 4 a compelling smartphone which is capable enough to stand up to iPhone 6 Plus by Apple.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 4-YesGulf

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

One thing is for sure people who have bought Note 4 would not require any further specs. Note 4 has a 5.7 inches QHD screen, which delivers a pixel density of 515 PPI which makes it a high quality HD display. It also has a 16MP rear facing camera which has amazing salient features of optical image stabilization and an autofocus function, which you can use to record and shot 1080 video and pictures in HD style.  It also has an impressive front facing camera of 3.7MP which you can use to record 1440p video with ease. You also get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset and 2.7 GHz quad core processor with Adreno 420 GPU under the hood which will give you amazing high speed performance.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4-YesGulf

Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I strongly believe that if you are in search for a large screen smartphone with impressive high speed performance, Note 4 can be the perfect option for you. It is only because Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a beast in terms of performance. However, it has a non-removable 3220 MAH battery which will not be liked by some smartphone users. It comes with the Android 4.4.4 KitKat version which can also be easily updated to Lollipop after its official release. On the top of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 you will have an upgraded S-Pen stylus which comes with an excellent and upgraded note taking app.

Unfortunately, Samsung is still struggling to give its smartphones a quality and smooth feel. Note 4 is comparatively cheaper than Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Its body is also made of aluminum and not like the other smartphones which are made up of plastic body. If you are using Samsung smartphone and are simply upgrading to this model, you will not find any difficulty in using it with ease. Galaxy Note 4 is now the current popular flagship smartphone of Samsung.

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In the end, would I buy Samsung Galaxy Note 4 over Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus? Personally, I am a huge fan of Apple’s smartphones as they are better, but many people may not share my love for iOS smartphone. If you are an Android operating system smartphone lover, Note 4 will be the ideal choice for you as it is still the quintessential Android smartphone by Samsung in the market today.