is a UAE based networking platform for entrepreneurs. The experience of the usage of this website is subjective to acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy policy of the website. In order to use this website, you are required to provide correct personal information and other important information.

The privacy policy legally protects all the information that you provide in the process of data collection, storage and processing of information.

Categories of Information:

  • Personal Information:

Personal information refers to information you are required to provide while registering to the website and using other interactive features provided by the website platform like Questionnaires, Forums, emails and uploaded files. Identification information including username, contact information, purchase records, and interests etc. are also defined as personal information.

  • General Information:

The information which is passed on by the session of a user while using the website such as IP address, time of usage on the website and browsing history etc. is categorized as general information.

Sharing of Information:

  • Security:

All necessary steps are taken to protect user’s personal and general information. Website’s terms and conditions and privacy policy ensure protection of important information against destruction, unauthorized access, security violations, theft, misuse and undue information sharing. We ensure that if the sharing of information is required, it will be by the consent of the user or as per the demand of law enforcement authorities.

In the case of general information which is not personally identifiable, we hold the right to share that information in order to formulate reports, describing trends and overall monitoring of the user experience.

We ensure our users that their information is safe and protected and will only be shared with authorities in order to protect rights and company’s integrity.

The intent to use the personal and general information provided by the user is to:

  • Amplify the user experience to make it friendly by sending information to the users about new features, important announcements and request feedback etc.
  • To show you marketing material with references with your interests and preferences.
  • To communicate with users in order to inform about changes made on the website and policy. This will be done through emails, newsletters, and announcements.

If used for any other purpose other than the ones explained in the privacy policy, the website will contact and inform you about the needful.

In the case of a merger, acquisition and selling off of the website to a third party, user’s personal information will be given to the third party. The third party will be required to use this information within the same set of terms as used by the current management.

Privacy Settings:

The sensitivity of user personal information can be categorized into three parts; one which is visible to every user which includes your name, nationality, and profession etc, second is information visible to your contacts and network users like people living in the same locality etc. and lastly the information that is very sensitive and is visible to yourself only like your contact information, email address etc.

This information is initially categorized as such when a user registers but the default settings can be changed from the account settings to suit user requirements and preferences.

Publicly Available Information:

As per terms of the website, username is always public. This helps the users to locate other users to join a network or initiate one. This enhances the user experience and usage of the website.

Significance of user name, user ID and profile picture:

Username is the presence or identification of the user on the website as seen by other users. This is the identification link that will appear on the URL of the user timeline.

User ID is the second identification field used b the website. This is the identification marker that is used by the user along with the password to log into the YG website. If someone has your user name they can see the public information displayed on the website. If someone gets hold of your user ID and password then they can access to your complete account on the website.

The security and protection of the user ID, name and password fall to the user. The website will not be held accountable for any damage done in the case of negligence on the part of the user in this regard.

The profile picture is a further identification marker to enhance user experience. The user can select any image as his/her profile picture.

Referral Contacts Information:

The user can send invites to other users to formulate a network on the website. This information used by the user to send invites to other people will be stored and used by the website administration to only send an invitation by email, registration of new users in case of acceptance of invitation and to keep the record of the success rate of the referral scheme of the website.

User Activity Log:

This log helps the website to operate its contact management system and enables the users to view who have visited their profile and when.

User Information Shared by Other Users:

The website also receives and stores information about a user as shared by other users in a network or group. This information can be in the form of images and photos shared directly or indirectly by tagging or adding another user as checking in a location.

Complaint and Correction:

All the users are encouraged to bring to the notice of the website administration if any event or misinformation regarding them or the website is noticed. Users can also freely contact the website administration if any information they provided is incorrect or incomplete. In the case of change of preferences, the website will alter the incorrect information to correct one as per user instructions.


The YG website uses cookies to enhance and improve the functionality of the website in addition to tracking the statistical data of the website. While agreeing to the terms and privacy policy, the user by default accepts the usage of cookies by the website. However, if the user does not wish to consent to the use of cookies then settings are to be altered in the browser. The restriction or notification of the browsers can be set to restrict using cookies. However, this will also restrict the functionality of the website and affect the user experience of the website.

Changes in the Privacy Policy:

The privacy policy at the time of registration of users will be effective from that time on all the information gathered by the website. In the case of changes in the privacy policy the user will be duly notified. The changes will not affect any information gathered prior to the changes made in the privacy policy.

Third Party Website Links:

The website may contain third party website links but is not responsible in any way regarding the privacy policy of third party websites. Once outside the website, the user will be responsible for their information security. Yesgulf is neither responsible nor affected by third party website privacy policies. We encourage our users to read the privacy policy of other websites before sharing personal information with them.

Age Limitation:

As per website policy, minors and people under the age of 21 are not qualified to use the website. The website cannot be held responsible or accountable for information submitted by any user under the age of 21.

Privacy Settings:

The profile information available to other users pertaining to a particular user will be in accordance with the default settings of the privacy policy of the website.

Newsletters, Emails, and Notifications:

The website will send periodic emails and notifications and newsletters to its users to enhance user experience. However, if you don’t want to receive such material or notification, you always have the option to unsubscribe. In case of any inquiry regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.

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