Parents vs Non-Parents

Parents vs Non parents-parent separation-parenting skills-YesGulf

Let’s face the fact that conflict between parents and non-parents is never ending. Why this is so?  For me, it’s all because of kids-the real game changers. Once you are a parent, make it clear that all your autonomy is gone. Getting straight to it, I’m assuring you a drastic shift in your life as soon as you become a parent. But the joy of parenthood is simply inimitable that no other fun thing in your life can dare to replace it. You simply won’t allow it.

“The one thing about being a parent is the ability to be selfless: To give up the things you want and need for the benefit of someone else.” Danny McBride

Have you ever thought of losing your childhood’s best pals just because you get married and a parent now? This ratio is more among females than men community is because they spend more time out of their homes. They can easily meet their friends while in office or can just say hello on their way back to home. But women usually do not get enough time to get socialize extensively and ultimately they start losing friends who may be their life once. But now their kids are whole world to them.

At this edge non-parent starts considering their lives more blessed than their friends having kids. And they are right to some extent because if kids can cause their own parents separation then why not you to be cut off from their parents life. Looking ridiculous? Not at all dear as it’s true that many parents get in weird conflict over their kids which may be related to their upbringing, schooling etc. But it doesn’t mean that they are really unhappier in contrast to their childless friends.

You must agree with me that mostly people are not bad-tempered but parents say certain things which may annoy them. Parents! Better to avoid irritating people essentially childless married couples.

God Only Bless People with Kids Whom He Loves-parents and non-parents-parent separation-parenting skills-YesGulf

  1. God Only Bless People with Kids Whom He Loves:

Come on parents, grow up and stop spreading these woeful thoughts. If you think that by having kids, you are God’s blessed person then you are in the wrong. In fact you would be the most absurd person of the world. Are you getting upset for my words? Actually you should not because your this opinion is more spiteful for non-parents. Don’t be insensitive!

Constant talking about your child-parents and non-parents-parent separation-parenting skills-YesGulf

  1. Constant talking about your child

Naturally people love kids, admire them and desire to listen about them but not every time. Non-parents are more annoying toward this attitude of your glut talk about kids. Because it makes them realize of their own misery of not having a kid.

When are you going to have kids-parents and non-parents-parent separation-parenting skills-YesGulf

  1. When are you going to have kids?

This constantly asked questions has ruined more relationships than anything else. Parents! Please quit inquiring about other’s life and their decisions. It’s not your concern that why a couple isn’t having a child or when one should plan for a kid. Save your relations and live calmly by not asking irrational questions like this.

You cannot understand till you have a child-parents and non-parents-parent separation-parenting skills-YesGulf

  1. You cannot understand till you have a child

This is the stance of most of the parents whenever they miss a festive gathering or any other event etc. and if their childless friends ask the reason, they come with this excuse. Parents should get a life and stop complaining about your parental life all the time. How it’s waning your personal and social life. People get bored of all this stuff, so better to control it essentially in front of non-parents.

   You know nothing about Child upbringing-parents and non-parents-parent separation-parenting skills-YesGulf

  1. You know nothing about Child upbringing

For non-parents it’s so irritating when parents claims that they cannot tackle kids because they haven’t lived it. Handling kids isn’t a rocket science unless you get a disable child (mentally or physically). It’s not a fixed ruling that becoming a parent means you are now fully capable to deal with kids brought up. Some childless people know and understand kid’s related stuff more than anybody else.

Conclusion of parents and non-parents-parent separation-parenting skills-YesGulf


Indeed kids are angels but scenario becomes tricky to deal with when they show up with their evil spirit. This normally happens when they do not want to see someone around their parents. Even my 3 years old often tries to mount on this attitude. This behavior of kids come to pass when they desire for their parents undivided attention toward them. When they need all concern, all care, all time, all attention and all love of their parents exclusively for them only. Also, teens and non-parents may turn up to the things which some parents do not appreciate at all. Similarly, sometimes parents become quit annoying toward people around them.

Clapping needs two hands, likewise both parents and non-parents need to sort out things mutually as well as maturely to save their relationships.