O1 Visa USA – Is All You Need in 2020

01 visa usa marcus yi law

If you are planning to work globally and grow, it will be a great idea to move to the USA. O1- Visa is a great option for you if you are a skilled professional and have retained a dominating position in your field. American immigration may make a major career break though possible, and O1- visa may be a stepping stone towards your immigration process. It is a non-resident visa and candidates who excel in the fields of arts, sciences, athletics and business may apply for it. O1-Visa is for individuals with exceptional talents and great achievements. Therefore, if you excel in education, sports, business, arts or sciences you may qualify for it easily.

How to Apply for O1- Visa:

If you have made up your mind to apply for O1-Visa USA all you need to do is consult a qualified and experienced lawyer from Marcus Yi Law which is a reputed law firm. The qualified lawyer at Marcus Yi Law firm will assist you in completing your application and documentation for the O1-Visa without any hiccups. The application procedure and all particulars will be taken care of by licensed attorneys and not just paralegals. There are 100% chances you will have no problems in the process. The lawyers will educate you and brief you about everything involved. Your O1 visa lawyer will ensure you get what you want without a doubt.

How to Qualify for O1- Visa?

You must check your eligibility as that determines whether you qualify for the O1-visa or not. Here are some major facts to consider:

  1. In order to qualify for the application of O1-visa you must be able to show your extraordinary ability through acclaims on national or international levels. You must reveal your achievements that testify your extraordinary ability.
  2. The fields in which the extraordinary ability should be shown are listed as education, sports, business and science. Simply show you are top of the field expert.
  3. Achievements in arts must be distinctions pertaining to high level of achievement by a degree of skill or claim to fame.
  4. The achievement could also be in motion picture or showbiz industry that shows extraordinary skill or achievement. The person must have secured awards of accolades to show he is outstanding.


Consultation may multiply on your strengths and enable you to invest in this rightfully. The consultants at Marcus Yi Law are professional and have updated knowledge of all application processes. Discuss your case with our lawyers for outstanding state of the art services. We promise you will never be disappointed.



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