Most luxurious Hotels in Dubai!

most expensive hotels in dubai - Most luxurious Hotels in Dubai!

Dubai is one of the best travel destinations for tourists from all around the world as it has a lot of amazing places to visit, best food to eat and there are some really exciting activities to do. There are a lot of Dubai Luxury hotels who are providing some great services to their customers. However, below in this article, the most expensive hotels in Dubai are discussed. Scroll down and check them out if you are in search of one.

  • Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara:

    Amidst the world’s biggest continuous dessert of sand, the Qasr Al Sarab is like a marvelous extravagant illusion giving a palatial retreat in Liwa Desert. Its rooms are decked out in quelled earth tones with unpredictable mosaics and gem encrusted embellishments. The view of the dessert can be enjoyed from all the rooms of this Dubai luxury hotel. The Deluxe Terrace rooms are the best with wide porches over the sandy hills. Customers can also enjoy their favorite food from any of the 4 restaurants and can make their trip worth remembering.

  • Burj Al Arab:

    This hotel comes among one of the best and most expensive Dubai Hotels. The unusual look of the building is built in a way that it resembles a monster billowing sail going up to a thousand feet into the air.

luxurious hotels in dubai

The outside lodging includes beautiful lights that move over the whole structures. The most luxurious suite is the Royal Suite with staircase that is built with gold & marble. The hotel’s each floor has its own group of servants and head servants and a separate front counter.

  • Bab Al Shams:

    This luxury hotel in Dubai can be the best if you want to visit it with your better half. Despite the fact that there are only 113 rooms, the lodging has almost all the enhancements like a bigger resort with 8 eateries as well as bars, a stellar spa and three swimming pools. This must be in your list if you are in Dubai and want to stay in a beautiful luxury hotel.

babal al shams hotel dubai

  • Shangri-La Hotel:

    This amazing Hotel offers top class luxury in an extremely refined setting. The hotel contains about 302 visitor rooms and all with soaking tubs, rain showers and warm stylistic layout with smooth lines and incredible work of beautiful art.

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The amazing restaurant known as “Shang Palace” offers some really fantastic Cantonese specialties while contemporary Moroccan food is served by “Marrakech” in a splendid and breezy courtyard. The location of this Dubai luxury hotel is ideal as the customers can also enjoy different activities in Dubai such as shopping, wild skyscrapers and entertainment.

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  • Al Qasr:

    The rich, traditional furnishing and lavishing embellishments can make any person fall in love with this to luxurious hotel of Dubai. There are total 292 guest rooms in this hotel that are improved with exotic Arabic flair along with private yards, numerous with culminate sea sees. This hotel also comes among the most expensive hotels in Dubai.

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