Apple Brings New iPhone In September

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Apple Fans! A great tech news is rolling around the corner exclusively for you. Two latest models of iPhones will be released within the matter of weeks.

The tech giant Apple is all prepared to launch iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus at an event on September, 9.  Most likely to have similar look as iPhone 6 but these will be quite different and revamped insides.

If Apple ends up the tradition of ‘S’ models, iPhone lovers might get the new generation iPhone 7 as a flagship smartphone instead of 6S or 6S Plus.

What’s likely to be expected?  

With this exciting news, Apple lovers would love to know what they will get in these fresh launches. Let’s have a look.

With the influx of leaked images, it is all clear that the external design of the future ‘S’ versions of iPhone 6 is unlikely to have the notable changes. However, the A9 processor is expected to be a ‘killer feature’ in upcoming iPhones, according to the reports.

 Iphone A9 Processor

Force Touch Display:

It is in the latest tech news that these, yet to come iPhones, will have updated handsets. It is expected that both will have Force Touch that’s in the latest technology trends. The pressure-sensitive display is going to be the biggest new feature for this year.

Force Touch will allow the display screen to know how hard the user has pressed it just the way it is found in Apple Watch and the MacBook.

New Iphone 6S-latest tech news-top mobile phones -Yesgulf


iPhone is more of a photography device, at least for me and I simply love it for this, and it will surely take a step further with new models in the market soon.

Both are likely to have upgraded camera and more efficient Qualcomm wireless radios. This all is done to improve the user experience as these smartphones will draw less power and in turn, will deliver better performance.

Foxconn is a Chinese manufacturer of Apple’s iPhones; one of its employees claimed that the approaching iPhones will have 12MP rear cameras and will support 4K video recording. We have to wait to know how true this information is.

New Iphone 6S-latest tech news-top mobile phones -Yesgulf


It is also in the reports, that extra space of the phone will be filled with more battery. The new internal features like 2 GB increment in RAM will aid the new phone to run more efficiently.

New Iphone 6S-latest tech news-top mobile phones -Yesgulf


The new iPhones will come with 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch displays. However, it has been heard that Apple could release a smaller version of iPhone- perhaps named iPhone 6C. It will be in same size as that of iPhone 5 and 5S but with much efficient and improved features.

Bottom Line:

You might not see the radical new changes but a lot of Apple users are hoping to get 32GB of storage. They are also guessing a new color option to the original range of sliver, black and gold. Fingers Crossed!

Apple has ordered the suppliers to manufacture around 85-90 million of the new iphone, Reported Wall Street Journal