Simran Samtani

simran samtani

Full name?

Simran Samtani

Nature of business?

Xcel Accounting


Sr. Partner

How did you get started? 

Joined my husband to help take our accounting business to the next level


Who and what inspire you?

Who – Robin Sharma, Oprah Winfrey &  What – Nature, Intelligent Conversations, Technology


Which companies and creatives do you admire and why?

Apple for Innovation


What three items can you live without?

Negativity of any kind


What do like about your work? and why?

Flexibility, Inspiring Others, being a Catalyst for Growth


What are your three motivating triggers?

Quest for Learning


How can the community get involved in your business?



What do you believe can be done in UAE to make business prosper?

Lower costs of doing business, Lower Rents

Simran conducted a mini work for Yesgulf Members on 13th December 2018

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