Shivakumar Venkateswaran

Coach Shivakumar

Full name?

Shivakumar Venkateswaran


Nature of business?

HR Consultancy and Training



Executive Director

How did you get started?

I worked in the Corporate sector for over 25 years and moved to Consultancy role. I believe self-employment is a path worth treading.


Who and what inspire you?

The chance to make an impact in people’s lives and careers directly.


Which companies and creatives do you admire and why?

Any organization that believes in enriching the lives of its employees and offers the opportunity to do so.


What three items can you live without?

I can live without having a job, without trying to become famous or without extreme wealth.


What do like about your work? and why?

I have the flexibility and freedom to engage in activities of my own choosing.


What are your three motivating triggers?

  1. Freedom of Choice
  2. Ability to meet new people
  3. Working with youth


How can the community get involved in your business?

By encouraging self-development in people and businesses and not putting pressure on people to do what society expects them to do.


What do you believe can be done in UAE to make business prosper?

Bringing down the cost of doing business would help

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