Biju Neelambaran

DSC8624 1 - Biju Neelambaran
Full Name
Biju Neelambaran
Nature of business
Consulting. Helping Small & Medium Businesses improve their Sales. 
Owner, Principal Partner
How did you get started?
I been into consultation since 2002. Just that there is now a formal entity to the work with and I am pleased to have formally settled with my endeavor.
Who and what inspire you? 
Mother Teresa as an epitome of humanity and selflessness
Which Companies and creatives do you admire and why?
Do like quite a lot. But somethings that quickly come to my mind are the Vodafone Zoozoo campaigns, a couple of times of india public message video campaigns
What three items can you live without?
Not sure… maybe except for being connected with my family
What do like about your work? and why?
Being able to meet people, understanding their problems, getting new challenges, the high of being able to overcome these challenges.
What are your three motivating triggers?
New Challenges, being able to help others, opportunity to learn new skills
How can the community get involved in your business?
I believe this will take time – first there needs to be an understanding of what i can do. Maybe, an opportunity to do a session could be a point of starting.
What do you believe can be done in UAE to make business prosper?
I am really a novice (just 1 year) to comment on this. Am sure that lot of things are happening, as I still see a lot of people from across the world getting drawn in to UAE.