Beverley Palmer

My Professional Pic - Beverley Palmer

Nature of business?  

I am in healthcare working at Keith Nicholl Medical Centre, 610 Jumeira Beach Road, Umm Suquiem 1, Dubai, UAE.   For appointments please call Tel: 04 3941000.



British Registered Osteopath with 30 years’ experience trained at the British College of Osteopathic  Medicine in London and one of the first Osteopaths in Dubai. Osteopaths treat all the common problems of the neck, back, joints and muscles by using skilled manual therapy techniques on the musculoskeletal system of the body.

What can Osteopaths treat?

Probably more than you think! Patients of different ages can benefit – from children to adults:

* Headaches and Migraines                            * Joint injuries

* Golfer’s / tennis elbow                                  *Stiff neck & Whiplash

* Sport injuries                                                   *Back pain during pregnancy

* Postural problems                                          *Trapped nerves

* Work strain                                                      *Jaw pain & clicking

* Low back pain                                                  *Muscle aches and pains


How did you get started and who and what inspired you?

At school, my favourite subjects were Biology, human anatomy and physiology and this led me to develop a keen interest in the Human body and the way it moves.  I also always wanted a hands  on job in health care that wasn’t desk bound and  which enabled me to help people.  Like a lot of people, I wasn’t sure what an Osteopath was when I was growing up and just before I left school, I was lucky enough by chance to meet a student who was training to be an Osteopath.  It was this chance meeting that helped guide my own pathway into to becoming an osteopath!

Which Companies and creatives do you admire and why? N/A


What three items CAN you live without?

  1. Plastics and Non environmental cleaning products which damage the environment.
  2. Long Hot showers which damage your skin and waste water
  3. High heels as they impede your movement and wreck your body and posture


What do like about your work? and why?

I love helping people to feel better, to move more efficiently and be the happiest healthiest version of themselves.  I also enjoy connecting with people and educating them to understand their condition to help bring them another step closer to recovery.  There is also a problem solving aspect to my job which I also like as I need to discover where the pain is originating from and what factors may be contributing to it in order to treat it effectively. The build-up of mutual care and respect between myself and my patients ends up creating a community around me which is very rewarding.


What are your three motivating triggers?

  • It is a privilege to go to work knowing that I make a difference to people’s lives either in a small way or sometimes a big way.
  • As an osteopath I can also become a trusted source for patients to come and see not only when they want pain relief but also to help find solutions.
  • In addition, I continue to learn and grow myself while seeing positive results which is equally as rewarding as the smiles I see on a daily  basis after helping someone overcome something .


How can the community get involved in your business?  

I would very much appreciate any form of personal recommendation or advertising  to your colleagues, friends and family if you  think they need  relief from Neck, Back or joints or muscle pain and could benefit from Osteopathic treatment.


What do you believe can be done in UAE to make the business prosper?  Networking and supporting each other by mutual respect and recommendation