Luxurious Gifts for the Love of Your Life

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Is your wedding anniversary coming up? Are you about to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday? Has your significant other just clinched that long-awaited promotion?

Whatever the reason is for celebration, a gift as luxurious as a bottle of Bvlgari Aqua Amara for him or a to-die-for duo of Chanel No. 5 hair mist and perfume for her is something truly memorable to mark the event.


Gifts of Love

Gifts are something that can serve as a token of your affection for your loved one, and these can come in many forms. It can be your time spent with your other half, doing things for your sweetheart, or composing poems or songs that express your ardor for one another. You can also show your love and devotion through tangible items.

When it comes to gifts, choosing items that are known for their quality and excellence can best exemplify the level of your affection. It may be big-ticket items such as cars, houses, or property. Of course, even small handmade items such as a decoupage box, a recycled planter, or a bracelet made from shells you picked together can also make great personalized gifts.

While the gifts themselves are a treat, it is usually the thought behind them that counts. Whether you go for high-end accessories, perfumes, or wallets or choose to shop at a clearance sale online, it is the time and effort that you put in looking and preparing the gift that matters more.

If you are on the hunt for a gift for your special someone, we have put together some suggestions that you can consider:


1. Signature Scents


They say that when you love someone, they will smell sweeter to you. While this can be attributed to biological or psychological reasons, you can dial up the sweet smell of romance by buying your loved one a bottle of cologne or perfume.

You can clinch the sweet smell of success in the love department with a bottle of eau de toilette, eau de parfum, or a scented mist or body wash. There are a wealth of options out there – from niche perfumes to vintage scents that have withstood the test of time. You can choose bouquets based on their concentration, fragrance type, or notes.

With all the choices available, how do you choose the best for your partner?

Hint: try to research what your other half prefers when it comes to scents. Do they prefer citrusy aromas like Giorgio Armani Pour Homme or the woody notes of Givenchy’s Gentlemen Boisée? Perhaps your lady would love the multi-floral bouquet of Houbigant Quelques Fleurs Royale or the more unisex vibe of Tiziana Terenzi Atlantide?


2. Bags


Another popular gift item is bags. It can come in various colors, designs, sizes, shapes, and prices. Some prefer to buy luxury bags because of the prestige it brings and the excellent craftsmanship. This is not to say that other inexpensive brands are poorly made, though. Some bags are less expensive but still deliver quality.

Choosing a bag can also be based on the purpose it serves. It can be a knapsack like Ferre’s School Bag in different colors, or it can be a clutch bag for men like Cerruti’s Clutch Gosling.

In choosing bags, it is essential to note the taste and style preferences of the recipient. Maybe you can base it on your loved one’s favorite color. You can also check what bag your partner needs or something to add to their collection and go for one they don’t have yet.


3. Shoes


You can literally help your love go places by considering a pair (or more) of shoes as a gift. With all the styles and designs available, you can surely expand your partner’s shoe collection to imeldific proportions.

Use your observation powers to give you a hint as to what your partner likes when it comes to footwear. Do you think a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo metallic sandals will send your gal dancing straight into your arms? Will a striking pair of red Adidas Replicant Ozweego sneakers make him run to you faster?

Other clues that will guide you to the right pair of footwear for your loved one are their lifestyle, hobbies, or work.

For example, is your partner a sports fanatic? Get them sneakers or rubber shoes. Is your honey more comfortable in sky-high heels? Get her those screaming stilettos. Would your man be more comfortable on the beach? Why not gift him with flip flops, mules, sandals, or slides?

Let their personality clue you in as to what will take them to footwear haven.


4. Clothes


Clothes are one of the most common gifts given to partners. Again, you have to be attuned to your other half’s personality and unique style to purchase the right outfit. Also, you have to stay abreast of the latest clothing trends. If your man or woman is more comfortable with classic lines, then research what cuts or silhouettes can be considered timeless.

Your significant other’s interests can also point you in the right direction when buying clothes. If they are into fitness or sports, then there’s a variety of athleisure and sportswear options available. If they are the career-driven types, then get them power suits or blazers that will scream business.

From beachwear to mountain get-ups, casual chic to straitlaced formals, and boho chic to trendy outfits, you won’t run out of gift choices. Let your heart, mind, and gut guide you to getting the perfect wardrobe for your guy or gal.


5. Wallets


Wallets or purses are considered to be classic yet sentimental gifts. A wallet is where you keep something of high value, usually money and bank cards. It can also symbolize the conservation of life and health as well as the preservation of wealth. In some cultures, giving a wallet as a gift also comes with superstitious beliefs.

Whether you are a believer of superstitions or symbolisms, wallets are excellent gift choices. Just like bags, there is an array of options that you can choose from. A wallet not only serves a functional purpose but is also a fashionable accessory that can add flair and style to any outfit.


Perfect Presents


Getting luxurious gifts can be challenging if you do not know the personality of the recipient. But since this is the love of your life that we are talking about, then you have a better chance of picking the perfect present. This task is made even easier nowadays since online shopping is now available. ith just a click and a tap, you can have your gift wrapped and delivered without a fuss.

From stylish shoes to scented treats, gifts can be a memorable present that will be cherished for many years. These will even be more valuable when given wholeheartedly, infused with the care and affection you have for your beloved.



Mohammed Ali is the Owner and Managing Director at France Gallery Co., a well-established retail supplier of high-end gift items and accessories in Kuwait. Its multi-product range runs from original French perfumes, bags, and fashion accessories to original leather purses and wallets for both men and women — all quality products and international labels at the most affordable prices.

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