The Leading Global Socio Economic Forum 2020

LGSEF Business Conference - The Leading Global Socio Economic Forum 2020

The International Academy of Management Sciences and Property launches The Leading Global Socio Economic Forum 2020. This is a three day business conference featuring twenty-four global speakers. This large group of thought leaders in this conference belongs to the fields of education, business, economy and self-development. The panel of speakers include Her Highness Dr. Princess Moreduen, Dr Eli Ghazel, Jelena Dirmitrijevic, Canan Piskin, Dr Layla Al Bloushi, Dr. Teri Baydar, Kirsten Westholter, Nousheen Mukhtar, Dedra Stevenson, Dr. Hanan Selim, Dr. Yasser Bahaa, Dr. Maya Al Hawary, Dr. Edna Joyce Santos, Manal Zeineddine, Dr. Sumedha Sahni, Noha Hefny, Arundhati Seigell, Gavin McCormack, Dr. Medhat Shabaan, Sushmita Kumar, Dr. Suaad Al Shamsi, Aparna Naik, Denisa Gokovi, and Abdul Kudoos. This conference chair is Dr. Mohamed El Saadany and the representative is Dr. Hala El Miniawi.

The Leading Global Socio Economic Forum 2020 aims to discuss the shifting attitudes in policy making, work management, organization and educational practices as well as social practices so that the audience can visualize the future and develop superior understanding of what is to come. The Covid-19 crisis has reshaped beliefs of people. It has affected the norms and practices in all walks of life. Major disruptions have made it necessary to discover new ways of making adjustments in new systems. The conference will help the audience understand the new normal in a simple and easy to comprehend way. Behavioral shift and preparedness will be in prime focus in discussions. The audience may join the conference from 5 pm onwards on 3rd, 4th and 5th September 2020 via Zoom application.

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