HTC One M9+ To Be Launched In UAE

htc main 11 - HTC One M9+ To Be Launched In UAE

HTC, one of the popular mobile manufacturing companies in UAE is going to launch its latest flagship smartphone, HTC One M9+. According to a research report it is heard that HTC One M9+ will also come in an all-metal body design though some enhancements have also been made to the components of the latest smartphone. It will have a 5.2 inches 2K display with a new advanced feature of fingerprint security. The speakers of the smartphone will come with HTC Boom Sound technology with the advanced Dolby Audio units.

HTC One M9+ main

You will also be glad to know that this latest flagship smartphone by HTC is going to have a new latest Duo Camera, which according to HTC will be helping the users to create professional-looking photographs in high definition resolution. Users who used to have a complain that the new HTC smartphones do not have extra memory storage will be glad to know that the new HTC One M9+ comes with a micro-SD card slot which will be capable of accommodating memory cards of up to 128 Gigabytes of capacity.

Reviewers of this amazing smartphone says that HTC ONE smartphone family is all about continued pursuit of brilliance and luxury. HTC has created the world’s first seamless, beautiful and all metal smartphone which will surely capture the mobile industry instantly. HTC has used technologically advanced engineering in its latest M9+ smartphone that perfectly embodies HTC’s philosophy to unite mobile users with their passions and empower them in their pursuit of brilliance.

HTC One M9+ will also be loaded with HTC Sense 7, which is also going to be the latest skin for the Android operating system of the vendor. HTC officials said that the operating system is going to be highly customizable and will help the users to analyze their favorite photos and modify their look, color, background and schemes with ease. The latest Duo Camera of this latest flagship smartphone by HTC is equipped with 20 megapixel unit which will help the users to shoot pictures in low light and also to make video up to 4k resolution.

The Lens of the Duo Camera features a sapphire glass lens which will protect it from scratches. HTC officials said that this latest addition to our HTC One Flagship will be the most innovative model packed with some latest ground-breaking features. HTC One M9+ will attract those mobile users who are in search of a smartphone that is fully packed with incredible audio and imaging features. This latest smartphone will surely give an exhilarating experience to the HTC users all across the UAE. HTC One M9+ will come in silver gold (dual tone) and in gold color. It will be available in all major retailer stores in UAE from 1st June 2015.

In a nutshell, HTC will be going to gain more popularity and fame all across UAE with the launch of their new HTC One M9+ flagship smartphone.