How to raise awareness about Autism?

How to raise awareness about Autism-parenting advice, parenting skills-YesGulf

I still remember how excited I was to have a newborn baby sister in my family. I used to play with her all the time. But as time passed and she started growing up, it was heart breaking to see her struggle with everything. Soon she was diagnosed with autism and even though nothing changed, everything changed. Although good parenting skills helped her better cope up with autism. Still, my parents lacked parenting advice for autistic kids.

We did not suffer much from seeing her struggling to talk or understand but we suffered when people stared at her and did not feel comfortable leaving their kids around her. It made me realize that it is crucial to raise awareness of autism so that people know this disorder well.

What is Autism?parenting advice, parenting skills-YesGulf

What is Autism?

Autism is a lifelong disorder that makes it difficult for a person to communicate and develop social relations that are also sometimes accompanied by behavioral changes. The exact cause of Autism Spectrum Disorder is not known but it is believed that environmental and genetic factors might play a role.

Autism facts:

Some facts about autism are:

  • Autism is a lifelong condition and there is no cure to it. Children with autism grow up to be adults with autism
  • Autism is not a physical disability so strangers cannot recognize an autistic child at first
  • Treatment can improve and bring about a difference in autistic child’s behavior
  • 34% of autistic children have stated that being picked on at their schools is the worst thing
  • 63 % of autistic children are not in that school where they are best supported according to their parents
  • 17 % of children with autism are reported to have been suspended from school

Here are some ways you can help autistic kids live a better life:

Talk about it:

By all means just talk about it. Whenever you get an opportunity, simply go ahead and strike a conversation. Do not hesitate even if you come across a stranger. I remember when I was in a shopping mall and a woman saw my sister getting very nervous and scared around people. I simply explained her that my sister has autism. She tried to help me by calming her down.


Whenever you get a chance, educate people about it. I remember when i had a chance of delivering a speech in my senior school, I chose to talk about autism. I spoke about how there is no cure to it and I told how doctors told the only way she can be helped is immense love. I told everyone how it is important to understand that they need our help and time in growing up with autism.

Stay aware about the treatment-parenting advice, parenting skills-YesGulf

Stay aware about the treatment:

If you really want to help autistic children live a normal life then you must contribute towards bringing about a difference. Find out how you can do it in your region.

For people in Dubai region, Dubai autism center was founded in 2001 in Dubai. Presently, it is the largest and the most advanced nonprofit organization serving kids with autism. Therefore, it is our foremost responsibility to donate and volunteer so that we ensure that these kids live a great and normal life.