How to Look Professional with Makeup for a Job Interview

13 - How to Look Professional with Makeup for a Job Interview

Got an interview call from your dream company? Confused a bit about how to be beautiful in professional guise? Just put your best face forward. Believe you me, your makeup sense has a lot to do with whether or not you will get your preferred job.

Sit up straight, flash a smile and be confident. Is it enough to get hired? Unfortunately, the answer is NO. You need to represent all your brain power on the outside and for this you must appear as a beautiful smarty.

Makeup-Less will work More

Remember, it is not a date out or night fiesta, but your career’s first impression. So go easy and modest with your makeup whether its in-person or Skype interview.

Today, I am here with some worthwhile make up tips to give you the pro imprint while facing the interviewer.

  • Go natural with your facial hue:

If your skin is naturally glowing and young, just skip the foundation and use beauty cream instead. One with UV protection or simply a BB cream will be a fine option. For healthy glow, you can use blush but not in excess.

For your face with blemishes, patchy tone or dark circles, you must apply foundation. A good concealer and loose powder will work for you. I prefer using all-in-one Kevyn Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer easily available across Dubai. It’s waterproof and provides sheer and complete coverage as well as hydrates the skin.

  • Add softer shade to your lips:

Lip color shows a bit of your personality. Decide wisely. Besides brilliant words coming out of your mouth, your lipstick can make you more like a professional champ. Avoid to use lip gloss because it is way too shiny for an official talk with someone anonymous who’s going to decide your career fate.

Mac is my personal favorite and it flatters a range of skin tones and many of these are my definition of consistency when it comes to professional avatar.

Also, exfoliate your chapped lips a day before your interview. Use lip balm afterwards to keep them hydrated.

  • Go humble with your eyes makeover:

For a formal occasion like interview, never…means never ever use heavy, glittery or sharp toned eye shadows. It will be a rash choice. You are not going to be a model star but a practical and levelheaded personnel. So keep your funky side concealed a little.

Last year I interviewed a newly graduated young girl overloaded with makeup and its look like she came to attend a marriage ceremony. Frankly, I asked her the reason for shimmery eyes and she responded ‘just to express my self-confidence; I can do anything’. Remember, high-ranking evaluators take it as ‘over-confidence’ and usually reject the candidate.

A slight black mascara and a little smudged eyeliner is all you need to achieve a softer effect.

  • Spruce your brows to enhance your natural beauty:

Do not forget to picture the importance of brows. It plays great role to augment your makeover. Get it done well-in-time or tweeze the stray hair giving you a creepy look. You can use brow gel to keep your brows in place.

Spick-and-span eyebrows will give a clear hint to interviewer that you pay attention to even little details and that’s what he actually needs-a focused and alert employee.

It is all fine to follow the latest fashion trends but be moderate with your makeup for a job interview. Besides professional outfit and simple yet elegant hairstyle, you essentially have to take care of your makeover.