How to get a non-makeup look

How to get a non-makeup look

Getting a non-makeup look is an art because it needs precision. It tricks people to think that you are not carrying any sort of makeup. It normally takes more time than a regular makeup because you have to be more defined. In this article I will introduce you to some of the beauty hacks that will be really helpful to you to have a non-makeup look readily.

Hydrate your skin

For your no makeup look it is very important that you must have to hydrate your skin well with any of serum that suits your skin, you can buy best serums from the market that hydrates your skin and moisturizes it well. Korean girls practiced themselves by using serums for their skin that results in their gorgeous skin. In no makeup look serums help your skin to be more flawless.

The power of concealer

It happens very rarely that a person has a non-blemish skin but for those who have a differently toned skin need serious concealing. Concealing can really change the look of your face. First of all apply a concealer on our eyes, than put concealer on the arrears that you feel are darker, than equally blend that concealer with a quality blender. When you feel that your face is equally toned than applying a foundation.

A skin tone matching foundation

It is really important to select a foundation that matches your skin tone, if you tend to use a foundation that is lighter than the tone of your skin, it would be prominent not giving a non-makeup look. Just like like this don’t even use a foundation darker than your skin tone because it would give a tan look. Second of all you should be aware of your skin type oily or dry.

Open your eyes

Don’t apply lashes if you are doing no makeup look because for sure it will look fake. You can curl your lashes and lightly apply the mascara on the lashes. For your brows you can use a light natural color to enhance it more, instead of using any dark color which may you look that you are wearing makeup. Fill the gaps if you can’t leave home without eyeliner, try to apply very thin eyeliner. Do not make corners of your eye.

Blusher an essential part of the non-makeup look

Find the natural blush that tones according to your skin. Or you can use your right lip color for toning. Avoid glittery makeup that sparkles your makeup loud. Also you can use a cream blush on your lips. Find the natural blush that tones according to your skin. Or you can use your right lip color for toning. Avoid glittery makeup that sparkles your makeup loud. Also you can use a cream blush on your lips.

Don’t use any powder

Now a days banana powder is being used much more frequently, it enhances the matte look of the makeup but when you are going for a non-makeup look don’t ever use any sort of powder because it will totally destroy your concept of non-makeup look.


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