How to delete all Tweet at Once

twitter - How to delete all Tweet at Once

Are you looking to get a fresh start on your Twitter account without loss of username? Deleting a couple of tweets from my account is not a difficult task, but when you consider wiping thousands of Twitter posts at once, you need to take a different approach. Twitter does not offer its users a way to mass delete posts. Suppose you don’t know which tweets to delete, it will take several months to erase thousands of tweets. Luckily there is Circleboom, an application dependent on Twitter that can help filter specific tweets and wipe retweets for you. This blog post will show you how to delete tweets on the twitter platform.

Do you want to be that person?

Do you know everything about you is available on social media? If you have owned a Twitter account for a period time, everyone knows about you, friends, meals, and you’re whereabouts. Did you know that Twitter captures part of yourself in real-time? It is tangible proof of your existence. Look at it as a flawed record of yourself! The information is not only for the present-day but for the future. You start to worry that your opinions have changed, but the past views still stick in your twitter posts.

Safer ways to delete all tweets

A third party service can help delete all your old tweets at once.

Probably the old tweets you want to delete may include your teenage tweets, bad jokes, college tweets which you want to hide from your boss, or some negative opinions you no longer hold. Today, tweets can prevent someone from landing their dream job or joining the college of their choice.

A lot of users ask for a better way to get a fresh start from Twitter. Unfortunately, the social media platform does not provide the easy way out. Bear with me, because I’m going to show you how Circleboom service can help users delete all tweets at once.

Benefits of deleting particularly questionable tweets

  • The owner retains branding advantage the twitter account delivers
  • The best way for the account holder to wipe off a bad image
  • Keep the memories of your favorite tweets.

How do you delete specific tweets?

Most people would prefer to keep old tweets but then delete specific tweets. It requires a user to invest time to delete lots of tweets, but with the right tools, the automation process can solve the challenge.

Option1 – Manual

Delete tweets manually: A user can delete directly from twitter if they are not ready to use any tool.

Option 2 – Automated

You haven’t tried a tool like Circleboom. It deletes all tweets at once to make the task easier. Scan through your account, flag the questionable ones, and delete automatically. The Circleboom service allows users to select all the posts they want to wipe based on content or timestamp. It has a mass delete function. Users can decide to automate the process as often as possible or choose to delete all the posts at once. The good news is you can upload your tweet archive and delete the history with the press of a button. As if that’s not enough, you can delete the Twitter likes.

How to delete all my tweets at once

While there are a lot of procedures and services that help users delete tweets often what helps the most is to delete all tweets that can hurt your brand or reputation. To get started, choose the deletion service like Circleboom. It is to use and follow the steps to set the program.

  1. Go to Circleboom on your browser on a PC or Mac.

You have to open your twitter account. You’ll get something that looks like this one.

circleboom1 400x191 - How to delete all Tweet at Once

  1. Sign in and authorize Circleboom to connect to your Twitter account.

For the application to see your timelines and tweets, you have to authorize the app access to your Twitter account.

circle book 2 385x300 - How to delete all Tweet at Once

  1. Set parameters for the application accordingly.
  2. Have you read the terms and conditions?

To filter your tweets before deletion, you need to use an app because Twitter does not allow deleting tweets in bulk. Deleting tweets one-by-one is time-consuming. A better idea is to delete all tweets in your Twitter account. Here’s how to it:


Step 1: Firstly, download the Twitter Archive File from Twitter

 circleboom 3 333x300 - How to delete all Tweet at Once

This option enables a user to get a snapshot of their twitter information, beginning with the first tweet.

It takes Twitter a few days to prepare and download your twitter archive.

Step 2. Secondly, use CircleBoom Twitter Archive delete.

You can filter the tweets by keyword, date, or username. Alternatively, delete by tweeter likes, replies, or rewets. As you can see, Circleboom allows users to delete selected tweets, notice the checkboxes to the left of the window. Click each checkbox next to your tweet. When you have chosen the tweets you want to delete, click the DELETE SELECTED button. Fortunately, if I want to delete all my tweets at once, I press the DELETE ALL button.

circleboom 4 400x197 - How to delete all Tweet at Once


With plenty of options to delete all my tweets at once, there is no reason my twitter account should continue to display the shocking jokes I made two years ago. There is a practical reason to delete all tweets with questionable messages. Increasingly, an old tweet can be used as ammunition to fire you from your position. Disney fired James Gunn following posts he made a decade ago. Sam Seder lost his space at MSNBC because of his satirical tweets attacking women gaming professionals. Yes, it’s true, trolls can weaponize your old tweets and use them against you.




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