Hi-Tech Learning Environment Soaring to New Horizons in Dubai

Hi-Tech Learning Environment Soaring to New Horizons in Dubai-YesGulf

Dubai is not only major trading center for the entire Gulf but also a trend setting city-state in UAE. I have grown up listening to people saying ‘sky is the limit’ but now looking around the world, I think there isn’t any limit at all. The latest technology gadgets and their love among people of all ages is one of such things.

Only Adults Are Technology Freaks-YesGulf

Only Adults Are Technology Freaks?      

Today, from head to toe, we all are technology. Sounds weird? Whatsoever, it’s the fact of our lives. Acceptance or denial is your choice. Two weeks ago, Khaleej Times reported that free wireless Internet connection is provided at Dubai beaches solar tech hub project ‘Smart Palm’ by Dubai Municipality. ‘Smart Palms’ will also issue weather warnings for people’s safety at Dubai beaches. Photovoltaic solar panels will keep them working after sunset. This all is certainly useful for adults the most.

We are eating, breathing and even sleeping technology as we don’t spend a second without tech-based devices. Students of all ages also love the latest technology inventions just because their learning is more arresting and a fun thing to do now.

The Case of Point:     

Dr Christina Gitsaki is VP of GCES (Gulf Comparative Education Society) and Associate Academic Dean of English at Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai. She is among the fierce advocates of ramping up technology utilization in classrooms to get improved results. She turned her beliefs into reality by giving   iPads to six thousand students at his college to make them proficient in English. 80 percent students reported that this step was enormously beneficial to learn English and also helped them in improving their reading and writing skills.

Interactive App Teaching Kids ‘Arabic’ in A Fun Way-YesGulf

Interactive App Teaching Kids ‘Arabic’ in A Fun Way:

‘Zee’s Alif Ba’ is launched to help kids (3-5 years) learning Arabic in an easy and fun way. This smartphone application introduced by Dinesh Lalvani (CE and founder of Dubai’s Growl Media) has become a big hit for schools and parents in UAE. So far, 1.35 million downloads have been done in Mena region alone. Language learning is not much welcome by kids but with this app you can link your kids to your Arabic roots.

Reimagine Teaching and Le-YesGulfarning via Technology

Reimagine Teaching and Learning via Technology

Dubai schools are now transforming into recent technology hubs and hi-tech gadgets are bringing great revolution to teaching. High-end gadgets and interactive apps are now on extensive use from the very first grade. Using smart devices is not a passing trend and there exists plenty of room for more captive inventions.

GEMS Royal Dubai School is one of the leading schools in Dubai for modern, technology-based learning. Internet based tools are extensively used here in this school. Kids have an easy access to over 250 carefully selected e-books and mobile apps and they can use Apple MacBooks, iPads, and iPhone but of course under teacher’s supervision. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard. School is well equipped with PC and iMac suites. Kids are allowed to bring their own smart devices to school.

Oxford School Dubai proudly announces on its official website that ‘Technology is not just an event, it’s a part of everyday learning’. It’s really true, learning is not like before and will not be the same again. In 2014, Oxford School in Dubai declared initiative, versatile and powerful 1:1 iPad Program as a step toward integrating new Internet resources and hi-tech tools in the classrooms.

Regent International School offers Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to its valued students. Using this technique, this school has beautifully developed a strong and effective home-school communication. Aim is to nurture children growth by interacting with their parents. Now parents will be all aware of what’s going on in the school and how their kids are performing in studies and other activities. Technology education is introduced to students aged 5 years and onwards. This school is true example of ‘slowly introduce your kids to technology’.

To meet the evolving needs of 21st century learners, we have to ensure they are getting full support from schools, parents and now, the latest technology trends also. It is this technology learning that resulted in participation of 14 UAE Young students to take part at Intel ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) held in Pittsburgh, USA.