Good conduct as new law for immigrants in the UAE

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The UAE government has issued a new requirement to its immigration laws as regards jobs in Dubai, this mandatory requirement is a “certificate of good conduct” which would not only enable you obtain a work permit to get a job in Dubai, but would also enable you to secure a permanent residency permit. This new law took effect on February 4th 2018.

This conclusion was reached at a cabinet meeting earlier this year. There were two major options as to how to get good conduct certificates. It was announced that this document must be issued to the immigrant by their country of origin or alternatively the country where they have spent the last five years till date. This document would be passed on to the state’s mission and the UAE foreign affairs for further processing.

There are exceptions to this mandatory document as it only applies to the immigrant worker specifically and not to minorities or his/her next of kin. Immigrants who are exempted from this law are; people who are on a short visit to the country, tourists who are on vacation or any form of temporary activity, students who are simply issued students visas.

There are also special applications or non-applications of this law. There are cases where an existing resident already has a job but would like to switch to a new job; the police department has helped to clarify that the document would not be required for expatriates who intend to switch jobs within the country even though this isn’t entirely up to the police. If the new employer has reservations about a certain employee and would like a certificate of good conduct before issuing an appointment letter then this is a legal request as well.

Many might ponder on the reason for the decision taken by the government as regards to access to Dubai jobs for expats. This is majorly a security issue. Dubai is one of the world’s most toured countries with thousands of immigrant touring on a regular basis for various reasons. These include business, vacations, jobs, honeymoons, shopping, studies, and others. The UAE government emphasizes that with the current upspring of terrorism, crime and other societal malfunctions there is a need to ensure the safety of the lives and properties of its citizens.

If there is a person with certain inappropriate or dangerous records, these set of people should not be allowed to infiltrate the system. A most gruesome act which was cited by the commander in chief, Major general Al Mansouri was the rape and  repugnant murder of an innocent nine year old boy by a depraved person who had initially done prison time back in his country for criminal activities. Certain levels of neglect in the system often lead to unexpected misfortunes. This of course would be a thing of the past, as the UAE government is set to purge the system of crime by first tackling the basic cause. Dubai is poised to take the lead as one of the safest countries in the world.


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