Frequently asked Questions about YG website

How to find and join a community or a group?

YG website offers a few ways to join a group of your choice but the easiest method is through your profile. Go to the about tab in your profile. Under the basics about section, you can choose nationality group under the nationality section. As per policy, you can only join two nationality groups. If you want to choose a different one then you will have to leave one of the nationality groups to join another. Similarly, you can join living community groups, interest group and professional groups under their respective tabs.

The second way to join a group is to use the search bar on the topmost toolbar. You can enter a phrase that will lead you to the similar group and you can join from there.

You can also join or search for a relevant group through the community page. Go to the main community page and from there select a category and then a group you want to join. The main community page has the list of all the categories and groups available.

How to view the upcoming events and meet ups?

Community members are frequently organizing meet ups and events pertaining to their group. To check for monthly and weekly events use the calendar icon on the top left of the topmost toolbar. The calendar will display all the scheduled events and meet ups.  From here you can organize the events and meet-ups you want to attend. You can also create a meet up here.

What does blocking a user mean?

In cases of harassment or annoying and disturbing users, you can easily block them. You do not need to be connected to block a user. Use the block the user option under more button on the user’s profile.

Effects of blocking a user on your connection with him:

If you block a user that you were connected to, blocking him will cancel all the connection with him. But unblocking the same user afterward will not return the connection or friendship. So be very sure before blocking a user.

If you were not connected but there was a pending friendship request from that user, then the status of the request will be changed to block.

After blocking a user you will not be able to see each other’s wall or comment and like each other’s posts.

The blocked person will not appear on your timeline or newsfeed.

Blocked users are not allowed to view or comment any of your pictures and posts. They can only view your profile picture as it is public but cannot like or comment on it.

Blocked users cannot invite the person who blocked them for events and meets ups.

You cannot send a blocked user chat message or vice versa. Previous chat logs will also disappear from your list as soon as you block a person.

Unblocking a user:

You can still search a blocked user if you want to unblock them. You can also unblock users from your settings page. Use the drop down menu under your name, a section by the name of blocked users is present. You can search for the name of the user you want to unblock from the block user’s list. Under the more button of the profile of the blocked user, you will find the option to unblock the user.

How to create a meet up:

You can create non-commercial meet ups for the people of your group. Use the main menu or the group menu to start an invite list. In the description of the meet up, don’t add too much detail about your business or any links to other websites or social media platforms in the description. Be very clear about the address of the venue. You can add phone or contact numbers too.

Follow these steps to start a meet up:

Go to the meet-up section of your group and select meet up

In meet up details enter name, time venue and description you can enter a fee and number of attendees allowed

Click create, review and publish event, all the group members will be notified

How to find friends on the website?

It is very easy to find any friends on the website. In the search bar enter the name of the friend you want. If they are not registered on the website you can invite them. Right click your name in the toolbar and select invite users. Enter email addresses of the friends you want to invite and send invites.

What are communities and meet-ups?

Communities are the groups formulated on the basis of your interests, nationality, and locality. You can join more than one communities and groups.

Meet-ups are gatherings organized for better interaction of the community members. These are organized by the community members themselves and posted.

What do I do if I forget my password?

You can request a verification link from the logout page. Select forgot password after trying to log in. enter your email address which you used to register with the website and send the request to our help desk. We will send you the verification link on that address.

What are privacy settings?

Privacy settings are the settings from where you control who can and cannot see your posts on the wall. Who can like or comment can also be controlled by these settings. All the pictures on the community and meet-ups are public. To change the privacy settings of an album select the ‘more’ symbol that is three dots beside the name of the album.

How to turn off email notifications?

To turn off the email notifications select my settings in your account. Using the option notification settings you can set when you want to receive notifications from the site, by default these notifications are set as on.

How to be the group leader of a community?

Group leaders are the moderators and organizers of the group. If you want to be a group leader you can apply to become one from the community or group menu. If the group already has a leader you can ask them to let you become the leader as well. A group can have more than one leaders.

How to report a post or a user?

If you find any post or user abusive you can report to us. Every post has a drop-down arrow you can select report the post from there. To report a user you can select report user by clicking ‘more’ after you clicking the user’s profile.

How to suggest a new community?

To start a new community first, make sure similar group or community is not already present. Then go to the communities menu and select request new. Send it to us and we will contact you after reviewing your request.

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