Famous Female Entrepreneurs Ruling the Business World

business women - Famous Female Entrepreneurs Ruling the Business World

For years the business world has been dominated by men with only a handful of women managing to make a significant impact. However, times are changing. Women today are taught that they can do just as well as men and as a result a remarkable number are starting to work their way to the top. In recent years, the world has seen a surge in the number of women in powerful positions. Women who have fearlessly worked to get to where they are. Below are some of these great women.

  1. Rihanna Fenty.

This thirty one year old singer has revolutionized the fashion industry through her companies Fenty beauty and Savage X fenty, a makeup brand and lingerie line respectively. These companies have done what no other has through their emphasis on being inclusive making sure there is a little something for every kind of woman. While they are relatively new, it is clear that these businesses will only continue to be successful.

  1. Sofia Vergara.

This actress has worked her way into our hearts with her talent. Despite her success as an actress, Sofia Vergara has a few other accomplishments under her belt. One notable success is being  co-founder of Latin WE. Along with her partner Luis Balaguer, Sofia has managed to run this number one Hispanic talent agency.

  1. Julia Collins.

Women in the entertainment industry are not the only ones shaking things up as Julia Collins has shown. As founder of Zume pizza, an automated food company that specialises in robotic technology to make pizza, Julia Collins has been a force to reckon with in the business world. She has worked diligently to make Zume pizza a billion dollar empire. Despite being an African American woman, Julia has managed to surpass all stereotypes and succeed. While she might  leave her role as president of the company soon, the future is bright for her.

  1. Emily Kennedy.

Emily Kennedy, co-founder of Marinus analytics, together with her partner Cara Jones have seen great success in their business. As a company that works to develop technology for solving crimes, Marinus analytics has made a huge impact when it comes to security. It has also helped to solve numerous human trafficking cases as was first intended by Emily.

  1. Oprah Winfrey

This list is not complete without this iconic woman. Beginning from humble backgrounds, the co-founder of Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) and Harpo productions, serves as a reminder to women everywhere that with hardwork, nothing is beyond their reach. Through OWN, she has worked tirelessly to represent African Americans and their culture. While Oprah is no new name, she will never seize to draw admiration from her fans.

In their various fields, the above women have managed to break barriers and become inspirations to millions of women around the world. They give us all an idea of what a woman can achieve with passion for her work and sacrifice. With these kinds of role models, we can only expect to have more women at the top.


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