Face Yoga-A Growing Anti-Aging Craze

Face Yoga-A Growing Anti-Aging Craze

Stay Young And Be A New You!

Three years back, as I entered the thirties, I was actually worried about how to keep the best shape of life. High price tags of anti-aging products haunt me too and then I decided to build routine to do yoga facial workout. Today, I feel quite invigorated and young.

Women body and organs actually begin to sag after thirty. Our face is the first to experience this change wherein the fine lines start to transform into wrinkles.

Is this tight situation bothering you? Want to wipe out the likelihood of wrinkles? Or, looking for guaranteed beauty tips for face? Doing face yoga is a surefire way to throw the aging depression out of your life.

Face Yoga-A Natural Beauty Trend of the Moment-beauty tips for face-YesGulf

Face Yoga-A Natural Beauty Trend of the Moment:

Yoga is the finest option for all-natural face lift. It is pain-free and you can save good money usually spent on your cosmetics to hide your age. Hence, it is also product-free method.

You might find it silly but pulling funny faces is actually a great and fast spreading anti-aging fad. This set of yoga poses will relax your face, smooth the wrinkles, and firm your jawlines together with creating a healthy glow. Moreover, you will feel ease for eye strain and headaches.

5 Anti-aging Face Yoga Poses-beauty tips for face-YesGulf

5 Anti-aging Face Yoga Poses:

With following best face yoga exercises you can look and feel younger for long.

1.Circle the Eyes:

Let’s start with eyes. At the edge of your eyebrows, place the index fingers and gently tap around eyes. You must follow the eyebrows arc and then continue the tap under the eyes.

Repeat the sequence in the opposite way. Under the eyes, you need to stroke outwards from your nose. 4 times stroke will be enough.

2.Temple Massage

Stress in our temples plays vital role in aging. Massaging this area is the optimal way to release the stress.

Use your fingertips and pull the eye sockets up and massage your temples. Take your fingertips all the way towards your crown and your muscles will be relaxed around the eyes and forehead.

You can add a mild pull-up pose using the palm of your hands a

3.Sky Kiss & Wide Smile :

Sounds crazy? Actually it is a more amusing than you imagine. Are you going to kiss the sky? Not exactly but you will love doing it.

Tilt your head back and scrunch your lips to blow a kiss towards sky. Relax, take a deep breath and then open the mouth to a wide-open smile. Repeat the sequence twice more. It will stretch your face out and you will get rid of laugh lines that eventually turns into wrinkles.

4.Jaw Toner:

Place your thumbs on the jawline bottom and softly pinch along jawline in the direction of the ears. Thumbs must be dragged away from each other but along the jawline and towards the ears. Do it three times.


Gently pat your face with fingertips. Rub your palms and as they get warm, out on your closed eyes for few seconds. Take 2-3 deep breaths and let your facial muscles relaxed.

Walk through this daily facial yoga routine and it will help to lift, firm and tone your face muscles. Add the weapon of face yoga in your anti-aging armory and get a lifelong beauty.