Kick Start Your Startup – Be a Winner

Yes, you have that wonderful business idea. You have registered it and are legally off to make your initial sales. You are charged with energy, the environment is ripe and inviting, but you are still wondering why it is not multiplying in the speed you estimated? You have completed a couple of years but unable to accelerate your business growth?

A large number of start up owners are looking for the potion that will kick start their start up. In today’s competitive business environment majority of the businesses go bust within 12 months of their inception. If you want to take your business a long way and survive the test of time and competition this is the workshop for you.

Relatable as it is for many startup owners, here is a mini workshop to learn the best practices needed to kick start your startup. Through this session with Nousheen Mukhtar you will be able to

– Discover the marketing strategy you startup needs
– Identify and understand your target customer/consumer
– Assess your brand’s position and wind/unwind brand positioning
– Trouble shoot what slows the lead generation process

Saturday 26 September, 2020

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Zoom Webinar: Link will be shared via whatsapp

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Whatsapp: 0547662201

We want your interaction, prepare relevant questions related to marketing strategy for startup and operational challenges that you face.


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