If YOU are the one who has been declined YOUR ideal job after many job interviews, this is the workshop for YOU!

Or, perhaps you have not yet found YOUR dream job!

Or, perhaps you want to know YOUR real value, salary benefits!

We understand that re-entering a competitive job market in post Covid-19 world is different and nailing a great job is harder. Here is professional support and interview workshop with exercises for job-hunters to establish and regain confidence to nail the best job.

In this intensive interview workshop!

Learn tips and advice from Flemming Rontved – a global executive coach and trainer, who has equipped and trained thousands of skilled professionals and C-suite executives all over the world.

Some of the few important things that will be shared during the workshop are:

1) Ways to clarify your USP – Unique Selling Points.

2) The right answer for questions like “Tell me about yourself”.

3) Making “Significance” in the first five minutes.

4) The ways to be assertive during the job interview.

5) SAR (Situation Action Result) method for anticipation of the behaviour of interviewer.

6) The solution to “one mistake” that 80% of the candidates make.

7) Closing with a positive impact – PI´s

And much more…

The workshop will include latest psychometric assessment.

Focusing on:

  • YOUR Behavioural Profile – there are 4 behavioural styles in the world – what is your most preferred style
  • YOUR Management Style – Leadership, Decision Making, Communication
  • YOUR Sales Style – Opening, Closing, Customer service – your first customer is the interviewer, next the employee of the organization you apply
  • How to Lead YOU Effectively
  • Keys to Motivate YOU Effectively

And YOU will know to speak the “language” of the 3 other behavioural styles.

Multiple exercises and live practical sessions for guaranteed success and deeper understanding of best job interview practices.

Here are the details of the evening:

Day/Date  : Wednesday, 25th November

Venue        : To be decided

Time          : 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Registration Fee: AED 199

Dress code: Formal Business Attire


About the speaker:

Flemming Rontved has over 20 year’s experience and wisdom in the industry.

John Maxwell Team, Coach, Teacher Trainer and Speaker.

Certified GPS Specialist,

BCon LIFO Practitioner

Chief Happiness Officer, Happiest Places to Work

Authorised Global Innovation Institute Provider

Chief Executive Officer at ESQL World Denmark and UAE

Co-Founder Purposeful Innovators CIC, UK

Flemming has 25-year experience in the financial world as a leader in several Danish Banks.

The last decade  Flemming has travelled 88 countries, observing, monitoring, and unlocking potential in C-suite, leaders of international organizations, governments, and other institutions.

95% of who we are being, is a set of patterns which serve to keep us stuck in the past. These programs downloaded before the age of 7 affects us mentally, spiritually, physically,  chemically, biologically, and genetically. They direct our unconscious thoughts, automatic programs, repetitive habits, emotional reactions, and memorized behaviours. Not only are they out of date, but also mostly negative.

Based on the latest neuroscience and biology research. Flemming helps humans develop quality conscious thinking to transform their impact.

The academic world teaches us what to think, Flemming coach and train YOU – HOW to THINK.

In the academic world we are given a lot of information, and rewarded for what we know, we leave poorly equipped for the commercial world.

The business world rewards and demands us to DO – responds-ability, values, integrity and passion.

Flemming helps you to explore yourself, the answer is always in the single individual! DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE


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