How to Build your Business Image

Nosh - How to Build your Business Image

Reputation management is tricky, it is a process that needs to be carried on consistently. If you want to make your business stand out, you need a long term strategy and a plan that you keep working on every month. Here is a workshop to help you build your business reputation through the right business strategy that will accelerate growth and conversion. Learn to prune your business reputation management strategy with Ms Nousheen Mukhtar.
Key take aways:
– How to build an offline and online reputation
– What makes a great brand
– How to position yourself in a credible way to stand out
– How to position yourself and be known for who you are

Thursday, 21 November 2019
7:00 pm till 9:00 pm
Venue: Dow 6, Floor M, Rove Hotel, Downtown, Dubai
RSVP: 0505763466
Absolutely FREE Workshop

Nousheen Mukhtar is the CEO of a branding, marketing and PR agency in Dubai working with profiled CEOs and business owners. She will be discussing what works for your business and how you may position it to accelerate growth through reputation management. She is catering to personal branding, corporate branding, brand positioning, advertising, publishing, public relations, and digital marketing as part of their clients’ business journey. She has been featured in Stylfemina and Women2Elevate Magazine and Club. She is a Branding Consultant and a Social Entrepreneur who helps companies and individuals connect, share ideas, innovate and ensure powerful strategy implementation in Business development and marketing. She manages the fastest growing business community named YesGulf Community in the UAE. She has managed several workshops for content managers, business marketers and writers during her career where she has enabled professionals in devising innovative strategies related to industries such as Tourism, Art, Fashion and photography, Education, Coaching, Blogging and Branding.

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