Does your child have ADHD? Signs and Symptoms

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Imagine being a school going kid and not being able to keep up with your friends at your school. Imagine being bullied for not being able to understand the lessons like your friends. Imagine being reprimanded by your teachers for no control over daydreaming or acting impulsively and losing your books and other stuff. Worst of all imagine that even after all the pain, you are being misunderstood for being insolent and rude. If your child is exhibiting such hyperactive and inattentive behaviors, before taking away his favorite toys and your love as his punishment, pause for a second and reflect, He might be suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. Do not let him suffer in silence, reach out to him and lessen the pain by positive parenting.

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Tell-tale signs:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 5 million children between age group of 3 to 17 are diagnosed with ADHD.  ADHD needs to be diagnosed so that it is treated as if left untreated, the child may not be able to survive through the tough times.  While being hyperactive and distracted is the common child behavior but when it gets out of control, you know it’s not normal.

Let’s look at the most common signs that might mean your child has ADHD:

  • Inability to pay attention to details
  • Making careless mistakes repeatedly
  • Can easily be distracted
  • Often loses his books, toys or pencils
  • Gets bored easily and leaves the task unfinished
  • Cannot play quietly or by sitting at a place
  • Constantly fidgets in class and if made to sit at a place, keeps shaking his leg or tapping the desk
  • Has difficulty understanding the instructions
  • Reacts without thinking and may break things or get into a fight easily
  • Shows lack of patience
  • Careless homework with repeated spelling mistakes
  • Moody and lack self-control

While it has no known cure and may pave its way to adulthood, early diagnosis and correct treatment can lead to a normal and successful life

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Parental techniques to adopt:

No one understand their child like parents so best parenting advice is to understand them better. While moms may have a big role to play, dads are equally responsible for ensuring the child is raised perfectly. The very first thing to understand here is that your child must be treated just like your other children. Do not overprotect or ignore your child. He is completely normal and needs normal treatment. It is quite common to hear made up stories as others find out your child has ADHD. Your child’s teacher may try to unnecessarily complain about him. Make sure that without any evidence, you do not believe every story that comes your way. In the meanwhile keep disciplining your child be reinforcing good behavior. Do take your child to the doctor as medications help keeping your child calm and having increased attention. Remember it is more important to discipline your child rather than punish him for positive parenting. Take it slowly but keep instilling positive behavior and it will result in better performance overtime.