Daycares vs. Babysitters is Like Never Ending Chase of Tom and Jerry.

personality development

Parenting is not an easy task today especially when it comes to dealing with personality development of children. Like before, our grand moms are there for us to look after if our own parents for some reason cannot attend us. Believe me, we are the most blessed and the luckiest generation who earned that much care and love from our blood relations.

I often wonder what is making our lives like a roller coaster ride. Is it inflation making us busy than ever before to collect as much money as we can. Or, is it technology that is taking over lives and we do not have enough time to take care of our kids solely at our own?

In my humble opinion, this is us ‘The Parents’ who are taking our kids away from normal life. For child’s physical to psychological development the warmth, affection and attention of parents is must. No one can dare to challenge this fact. Infants and toddlers actually want ‘Stay at home Parents’.

Parents on Job:

Let’s put everything aside, admitting your kid in daycare center or hiring a babysitter is requisite for working woman especially. In some situations, single parent (father or mother) may not have any other option except sending kids to daycare centers.

Some people think that a hired babysitter is the extension of their family. But I really wonder how? The care a family member can give to children has no replacement at all. Ok, your philosophy may be right that in this a kid gets a full time care taker especially when mother is a working women.  You may be right in thinking because of your busy schedules.

Prior to deciding anything, parents should know all about the pros and cons of both baby sitters and centers for children care.


Pros of Daycare

  • Daycare centers are usually licensed and appoint fully-trained staff.
  • These are affordable as compared to hiring a full-time babysitter
  • Daycares lay down early academics foundation for kids of all ages
  • Your kid will learn how to socialize, compromise and share in a group
  • Your kid will be more communicative and become a quick learner

Cons of Daycare

  • Daycare has number of kids to handle and your kid may not receive good individual attention.
  • Your kids are more susceptible to learn bad habits because variety of kids is there in daycare with them.
  • If your kid isn’t comfortable in the center, he can be aggressive toward others and can jeopardize everything.
  • Your Kid will be more exposed to potential health and mental issues because daycare is lacking home environment.
  • If not adjusted well in the daycare, your kid will be a problematic individual of the future

Now, just check out what an in-home babysitter embraces for your kid.

Pros of Babysitter

  • Babysitter has one or two kids to deal with and hence, results in improved individual attention
  • Usually a babysitter is hired for limited time of the day and therefore, kids can spend more time with their parents.
  • You have the satisfaction that your kid is growing up in home environment.
  • Chances of getting sick and adapting bad habits will also be minimum.

Cons of Babysitter

  • Your kid may lack in social skills and can be less expressive of communicative because your babysitter is not much social
  • Babysitter way of dealing with your kid and his needs will be less regulated and organized as compared to daycares.
  • Your kid may not be that good in knowledge and vocabulary because babysitter is not much literate
  • On hiring a babysitter you have to take into account of security issues and credibility.
  • Your kid will be at more risk with babysitter because you do not have any check on her that what she is doing with your baby.

Few days back, an American babysitter named Jena Wright was charged for putting a four year old kid’s life at risk who did not survived of the dog’s fatal attack. She is now prisoned for 35 years.  And, so many other cases alike.

No one can take place of the parents. What parents can do for their children, others can never discern a pinch of that. Just like kids are your life’s essence, on the same token, your time and care is the actual earning of your kids and, its children’s psyche that really don’t like compromising in this regard.


Final Thought:

Whatever the logic you give to separate your kids from normal parental shelter is undeniably misleading notion for me. I must say you should not have kids in the first place if you cannot take charge of their lives until they get mature for survival at their own. Yes, I am getting insolent by giving such remarks. Because if you are not realizing the consequences of your decision of giving your precious asset in hands who might not even realize its worth. Then, I must say that you are in the wrong and playing with your kid’s life.

Baby sitters may be the good extension of your family or daycare centers may facilitate your kids to be more social and communicative. But then again, warmth, attention and love of parents are peerless.