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field service management field promax - Connect with your Team Fast Online

Yes the work pace has become faster than last 5 years and you are required to connect, communicate and execute quick. For any servicing company, be it field services offering company, a constructions engineering company or a plumbing business, communication with team is crucial to work processes. If you are wise and pro, you will certainly go for tech solutions to make team communication flow easy and fast.

With Field Promax, you can easily create, dispatch, invoice, manage, and track your work orders. Field Promax is cloud-based field service scheduling and management software that makes it easy for you to automate work orders for your team.  Your employees on the other hand can easily view and update the statuses of their work orders and generate invoices from any smartphone.

It is one of the best work order management software for a field service companies that features faster, better and more intuitive field service scheduling.

Sign up for free 30 days field promax trial today!

field promax

So how does Field Promax allow you to connect with your team?

Field Promax makes it easy for you to engage your teams once you receive a service request from customers. You have the opportunity to create a work order on any device as soon as you get a service call from a prospect. Your employees or technicians will be able to create a work order on the mobile and upload images or add products and upload documents at any time.

With Field Promax schedule you find it easy to schedule and assign work directly to your technicians remotely. As soon as the work order is completed on the ground by your technicians or employee, you get notification.

As soon as you have confirmed that the work has been completed successfully you can then post the work order to generate an invoice to your customer.

The advantage of using the Filed Promax work order management software is that even when you have multiple work orders especially for the same day you can easily collaborate with your employ on the ground to monitor the progress of the work. Field Promax job status tracking makes it easy for you to see the progress of the work as soon the worker updates it on the mobile app without the need of you going to the location of the work.

Easily locate work orders on the map

If you need to keep tabs on your work orders, this software makes this task quite easy and exceptionally fast. On your mobile app you can just see can easily see where your jobs of the day are located and then you will get to select the most optimal route for you to get there. This greatly helps to save time on travel, you will also know exactly where to go and also get to accomplish more tasks in less time.

Another benefit of using Field Promax is that you only need to schedule work orders once and then orders will afterwards be generated recurrently. This feature is particularly beneficial to when you have similar future work orders that you don’t have to keep on generating. You effectively avoid the inconvenience of wasting time on a task that you automate to let you concentrate on the core aspects of your business.

You also get notified each time a work order has automatically been generated and you have the option to make changes as per your desire.


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