Children Who Are Picky Eaters

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“I will die, if you forced me to eat this!” was a disturbing statement for me and I was looking speechless at my 5 years old girl. I just added peas into the pasta and that gave her a mortal danger. At the same time, my 7 years old boy wasn’t eating anything other than chicken nuggets, well! Most of the time she preferred to play rather than eating, not even nuggets.

“If child’s nutrition is the sole topic of your household then do not worry, you are not alone. “Nearly 2/3 of the parents claim the same problem”, were the comments of my neighboring doctor who was also a pediatrician. Parents worry that their kid is not taking a proper diet and especially avoid eating meat. However, most of the kids get enough variety and nutrition in a week.  The only thing what parents need to work is the consideration of tips to improving their eating habits, until their eating preference gets mature and avoid making them one of the Children who are Picky Eaters. For no doubt, pickiness is normal and also decreases the age. What needs to be done is to work on the thing that can deal with the child’s dependence on frozen waffles.

Do you know what to do? Well! First of all, Just take a deep breath!

The foremost important thing is to keep the fact in mind that there is no compelling difference in nutrient intake between other kids and the one who are picky eaters. Spend some time on the lines below to have some basic tips to work out the eating habits of your child. And do not hesitate while considering these tips as they are also recommended by Hala Barghout , one of the most admired and expert pediatrician.

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Develop the habit of eating together. This can best be done at early ages where you can teach your child to sit together with the entire family on the dining and eat the same what other members are eating. Make sure that the food you are eating is healthy and teach your child to eat the same. Observing and following is something highly effective for young age kids.

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Be easy:

Make easy route for the young one. Don’t be strict and always give him space to try new food and in small portions. Large portions of anything new will make the child overwhelmed and less craving for food.

Getting harsh for not eating will only lead to lose his interest in childe food-parenting tips and advice-YesGulf

Minimize criticism:

Scolding the child will never be of any good. Getting harsh for not eating will only lead to lose his interest in food and will never be so easy to overcome. AGAIN! Give him a proper space to eat what he wants to. Another important point here is to appreciate them on a daily routine, as it will build up their confidence and provoke them to obey you.

planning something outdoorsy with childe to eating good food-parenting tips and advice-YesGulf

Change of scenery:

Try something exciting when the weather is nice or you are planning something outdoorsy. It will develop trigger their interest.

sneak a new meal into childe plate-parenting tips and advice-YesGulf

Sneak in new food:

Physical as well as outdoor activities can make a kid passionate for more and more food and this could be the best time to sneak a new meal into his plate.

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Balance their diet:

Once you have an idea about the time when and how to introduce a new meal to your kid. The next step is to make sure your kid is trying everything and is getting used to all kinds of food items including vegetables, fruits, protein, meats and dairy products. This will provide your balance diet for kids and healthy eating habits.

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Avoid distractions:

One of the major problems people face these days is the distractive objects while eating and this is equally effecting people of ages. While in case of kids, it is the best time to develop such habits that they keep a complete focus on their meal while they are on the dining table. This can be done by keeping them away from video games, TV, mobile phones, etc.

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Engagement is key:

To introduce new food to your kid, the most perfect place in a grocery store. Try to involve the kid in activities like cooking and grocery shopping. There are many other ways to excite them like allowing them to set a table for lunch or dinner and also appreciate their efforts.