Blaze the Show’ will Rock Dubai in 2 Days

Blaze the Show’ will Rock Dubai in 2 Days-Concerts in Dubai-YesGulf

‘Blaze the Show’ is one of the most awaited street and break-dance concerts in Dubai. Ductac, Mall of the Emirates in Dubai sets the stage to host this internationally recognized street dance sensation. Buzzing performing-arts is going to rock Dubai from 20-22 August, 2015.

Make the coming weekend the most memorable time of your life. Do not miss this high energy show bringing together world’s best of the best dancers with varying dance forms on one stage. The most amazing thing is that these dancers have shared a stage with pop stars like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rihanna and Sean Paul.

The show will feature the music by world’s famous singers including Michael Jackson, Rihanna Lady Gaga, David Guetta, Kanye West, and Snoop Dogg. Delight in a stunning fusion of dance styles incorporating hip hop, tapping, popping, B-boying, locking and breaking in one high-octane live stage performance.

‘The show does not follow a narrative, it is more a concept of style and music.’ Chris Baldock mentioned. He is the choreographer of this dance show.

He also said, ‘I think this show is something most people will have never seen before. It starts out quite abstract and people will probably wonder and think “what’s going on?” because it’s just so different.’

Blaze the Show’ will Rock Dubai in 2 Days-Concerts in Dubai-YesGulf

About the Show:                                       

Anthony van Laast (Mamma Mia! and Sister Act) directed the show that is always comprised of a team of globally renowned dancers and choreographers including Kenny Wormald, Mike Song, Ryan Chappell, Kenny Lyle Beniga and also Kendra Horsburgh.

Blaze promises to entertain the audiences with more than 1 hour and 20 minutes of different dance styles and formations. It is a perfect show for your entire family because it takes the athleticism of street dance and then combines it to the high-end production values. From kids to elders, ‘Blaze the Show’ is for all and will surely leave the whole audience mesmerized.

In 2010, this high-energy theatrical show was premiered at West End Theater, London. Since then, it has toured across the globe including Europe, Australia, Thailand, Russia and Bahrain wherein 300,000 people just felt ‘WOW’. Now to give Dubai inhabitants the same pleasure, Blaze will hit the Emirate on Thursday.

Time & Venue:

7:30 pm daily, with a 2:30 pm matinee on Friday and Saturday.

Centrepoint Theatre, Ductac, Mall of the Emirates.


Ticketing Charges:

  • First and Second row Dhs.250
  • Stalls Dhs.195

Balcony Dhs.125