Big Book Sale is Here in Dubai

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Largest book sale in Dubai…are you going?


There is a good news for the book lovers in Dubai, as a world’s major book sale opens on Thursday 18th October 2018. The sale is offering books at than 50% of their actual price. This big bad wolf sale was before introduced in Kuala Lumpur (2009) and it has visited many Asian countries. Now we have it in Dubai.

The world largest book sale offers English and Arabic books that include novels, science fiction books cookbooks, comedy books, biographies, art books and many more. So this is the golden time for Dubai residents to grab this offer.

Andrew yap the founder of this bad wolf book sale said “our aim is to change the universe the reachable prices of books. We need to make the knowledge should be accessible to everybody. At the present time, books have turned into an extravagance that not every person can bear: we need to change this. We additionally need to bring back the lost age of peruses, taken away by innovation”.

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Mohamed Ali aidaroos, the partner of Ink readable books, “our motive to bring The Big Bad Wolf book sale in Dubai is now a reality”.

With MBRF’s most recent Arab Reading Index uncovering that the normal Arab resident peruses around 17 books for each year, Al Aidaroos said that the occasion is prepared to have a huge number of English and Arabic thinkers, bookworms, occasional readers, families and devoted customers throughout the following week-and-a-half.

Majed Al Suwaidi, overseeing chief of Dubai Production City and Dubai Studio City, stated: “This one-of-its-kind book reasonable permits book lovers of this area to meet similar individuals and trade thoughts and in addition giving a bigger chance and access to books. We trust this activity will firmly contribute towards Dubai’s vision of building up a learning-based aggressive economy, and we are satisfied to be a part of it.”

Selling 24 hours:

The book sale is open 24/7 starts from 9 am on October 18 till the midnight of October 28. The books prices are so low that the organizers are looking forward to seeing mothers, teachers, librarians to get into this activity pushing their trolleys with loads of books. I am sure kids who love fiction and history will also be dragging loaded trolleys.

Here is what the buyers think about this opportunity:

“I am looking for children’s books, both for my own children and for students. This is an awesome open door for all the book darlings to have their fill,” said Maya Atiya, a school facilitator from Jordan, who alongside her colleague bought 10 trolleys brimming with books. She believes these are the cheapest possible prices on books.

“I will need to make in one more trip to experience everything. A deal like this isn’t normal and as a book sweetheart, I would love to take the full preferred standpoint of it. I read a great deal of fiction and have picked a couple of as of now and I am likewise hoping to browse a wide assortment of kids’ books they have here,” said Zainab, who was chatting with her family.


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