How to Become a Speaker?

YesGulf is a referral marketing oriented business community with sophisticated networking system that allows different brands and businesses from different industries to come in close contact for business development. It is a subsidiary of Nousheen Mukhtar International, LLC. YesGulf has been conceived to support businesses for marketing and business development. It is not easy to know and understand the dynamics of business success in modern times of rapid change, therefore, YesGulf offers opportunities to small and medium sized businesses to join ever thriving UAE business community. In YesGulf business community you may learn and grow with time, form beneficial, supportive business connections and develop commendable professional skills. We have forums, workshops and discussions hosted in Dubai every now and then all year round to encourage networking for social and business gains. These workshops and community activities are primarily to benefit YesGulf members and to encourage the growth of the community.

Limelight is also for coaches. If you have a voice and a message, you are a life coach, business coach, healthpreneur, entrepreneur or a solopreneur with public speaking skills, get in touch with us. In our efforts to add value to the networking activities among our community members we encourage motivational speakers, life and business coaches to deliver keynote speeches on monthly basis. We have simple rules and an easy two step subscription plan for talented speakers like yourself. You only need to become a gold member to be a speaker in our networking events.

We appreciate your interest in YesGulf community. It is mandatory for a business or brand to join the community before it avails the Limelight. YesGulf Limelight is your stage to present your brand and offer a solution to other businesses and individuals in the community through what you have learned during your journey as a business in the UAE. During the limelight, the brand leadership or entrepreneur will run a presentation or speaking engagement focused on one or more business issues that require solution and the speaking engagement (limelight) will be availed once the brand leadership or entrepreneur succeeds in presenting the persuasive speaking engagement proposal to YesGulf management. YesGulf membership entitles you to the following benefits:

  1. Opportunities to connect with other businesses and individuals across multiple industries.
  2. Active participation in community events.
  3. Free access to community’s events for six/twelve months (when you vouch for six/twelve months package). Build business by networking in over eight to ten/sixteen to twenty events approximately.
  4. Capitalize through two limelight opportunities for your business (Engage other businesses through two speaking engagements).
  5. Use YesGulf events to promote your business by displaying marketing materials (Terms and Conditions apply).
  6. Receive updates about community activities regularly.
  7. Have Member’s profile on YesGulf website.
  8. Avail community offers and discounts from other YesGulf members.
  9. Build a business network that understands your products and services and is able to enlighten people about your brand or business outside your circle.
  10. Receive free graphics/visuals of the event featuring you during your limelight moments for marketing benefit.
  11. Stand tall among other businesses as a leader in the industry.
  12. Build business reputation and brand authority by educating others about how well your brand stands with reference to others.

Please fill up the form below for membership to proceed with your role as a speaker or to qualify for the YesGulf limelight. The form will connect you to us for the Limelight proposal and we will get in touch with you to proceed with the price and topic selection.




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