Antoine Fadel – The Name of Excellence in Filmmaking & Photography

tony - Antoine Fadel – The Name of Excellence in Filmmaking & Photography

Not all the photographs and films are art, it’s only the skill of a photographer that makes a simple work of art a masterpiece. In today’s glamorous world, Antoine Fadel is renowned for the art of photography. Tony has been doing an excellent job in the field of photography for the last two decades. Since his entry into the film and media world, many multinational companies are in collaboration with him, working effectively. Apart from photography, the best thing about this Lebanese artist is that he is an ardent learner and always observes keenly. He has passionate feelings for discovering new things. After getting proper certification in the media field from the Manhattan Film Academy, he turned into one of the most significant photographers and filmmakers across the globe.

YesGulf team has explored more about Tony’s life, interests, and how he has succeeded in establishing his career as a photographer in UAE.

Share the very first moment you think of becoming a photographer? Can you describe that experience or emotion when you decided to give your this artistic skill a professional direction without any fear of failure? 

Since my childhood, photography has been my passion. I felt attracted to this field and always fascinated with the art of photography, pictures, movies etc. At my young age, I used to keep my camera along with me and tried to capture every memorable moment. I was a family photographer indeed.

Where did you get inspiration and passion for your work from?

There are many renowned photographers in the world which I personally like a lot.  In the initial stage of my career, I observed posters in the streets. I always feel attraction to art and photography either it’s a poster or picture. I got inspiration from many photographers, I can’t give credit to any single photographer. Anything which is creative inspires me.

What was your career path? How did you get from being an aspiring photographer to actually doing it full time, for a living?

During my academic life, as a university student, I always wanted to become a successful photographer. I studied film and photography as a major subject in the university. I started my career in the field of photography as a cameraman. After getting enough knowledge and understanding of this field, I moved to TV and media world, where I started working as a director. Now, I have my own business of film and photography. I learned new visions and concepts in the field of photography and with the passage of time I am able to produce the best photography. I like to learn new things and transform my existing skills up to the next level of excellence. In my opinion, learning process never ends and always helps in your career growth.

Why you chose UAE for your career development? How does it influence your success level?

As everyone knows, UAE is the hub for all media industries. The rapid growth of technology has revamped the media sector of UAE, which inspired me a lot. I found this place as the best for my career growth. As I am blessed with creative thoughts and skills, I know how to utilize my energies and expertise. And, UAE provides me all inclusive opportunities to play openly in the field of photography and filmmaking.

Is there anything you didn’t try yet in this work line? What new thing would you like to try?

Aims and wishes never die. There are many things that I still want to do in my life. I am doing photography as a profession, but as a human being, there are certain fantasies and aims which I want to achieve. No one gets full satisfaction in any field, same happened in my case. I am a different person with expansive visions. I don’t think with a narrow mind. I have targeted goals, will do in the near future.

How do you build a successful customer base? What level of difficulties did you face in the due process?

It is not an easy task to make a good customer. To give complete satisfaction to a customer is an insurmountable task. My professional experience and quality of work enabled me to come up with exceptional work. I found the most difficult phase is to explain any creative thoughts. Normally, people do not get and accept your innovative ideas; it takes time. When they realize the worth of your ideas and concepts, they become your customers.

What kind of assignments in commercial photography do you like the most?

Commercial photography is a wide field. I do various commercial projects now and then. Mostly, I like projects related to fashion or lifestyle.

At what point in your career did you start concentrating on filmmaking? And what type of films you often make or love creating to?  

7 years back, I professionally stepped into the line of filmmaking and created a few short movies. Actually, I made featured films that were presented in Cannes film festival. From there, I realized that I can do this too, I love short and straight forward movies in which you present your thoughts in a good manner based on a short, but persuasive message.

Any magazine, or advertising clients or corporate you have not worked with, but would like to?

I want to work with anyone who likes my work and appreciates my efforts. Whoever wants to join me is always welcomed by me because I believe in hard work and want to get recognition at its best.

Your favorite photographers/filmmakers; from past and present?

This is a very nice question, I have many favorite photographers who inspire me. I like Mario Testino, Paul McLean, and a few more. As far as film directors are concerned, I like Hitchcock.

What key features characterize your work? How it’s unique from the rest of the contemporary photographers.

As I said earlier, I believe in natural things. I use natural and real features in my work. In today’s world, every photographer has its own style and way of work. I have a unique work because I promote nature.

What type of work you personally enjoy the most; film or videos making or photography. 

Film and video making, both are my passion. I feel incomplete without them. You can say, both are water and air for me.

Is there something you always think or ask yourself just a few moments before pushing the button?

I enjoy my work and always feel amusement in this work. Whenever I start new work, I ask myself to have some fun. I know this is a different answer, but it’s true, I enjoy every moment.

What’s your technique of adding more drama or thrill to your captured images

I use unique techniques for the promotion of my work. Usually, I try to position actors/models in the most relevant situation of action. Whatever I want to show to the customer or the general public, I present my actors and models accordingly, and with no artificiality, but something truly natural.

Your definition of success? What is your perspective on a successful life?

It is very difficult to obtain success.  I personally give value to my success. A person should not give up on anything in his life. Just do your best and in return, you will get the best.

Is there any certain degree a photographer need to be successful in the field?

It is a constant process of learning. This field is very broad, no one claims that he or she has a complete knowledge and understanding in this regard. I always try to learn new techniques and methods in order to improve my quality of work.

What kind of people do you prefer to look for to work with?

I feel relaxed with those people who have the same thoughts as mine.

Tell us about some of the challenges you’ve encountered so far? How you managed to survive through?

Every success comes after encountering huge challenges. The biggest challenge, in my opinion, is the delivery of a good quality in the most appreciable manner.  To make a client happy with optimal satisfaction is the most challenging task for me which I have encountered successfully at all times.

Do you believe in fate?  Is fate important for high rankings in this field?

Fate is somehow present and people believe in fate. But, I don’t. Ups and downs are the part of human life, we can’t relate our incidents and success with fate. Sometimes, circumstances go in our favor and sometimes they go against our expectations. Just hard work and passion of work is the key to success.

How do you see the manipulation of the photographs? Don’t you think it kills the real worth of the scene or person captured in the camera? Or it’s just the need of time to add flair to something truly natural to stand high in the competition. 

The basic requirements of any photograph matter a lot to me. Personally, I don’t like to manipulate any piece of photography, but if the client wants it, then I have no objection in doing that. As I told you, customer’s satisfaction is my first priority and to get it I do whatever they demand.

Any message or advice you would like to give the budding photographers?  

This field is very vast and needs more passionate and workaholic photographers. I simply want to say to the new photographers that, do your best and be true to yourself. No one can destroy your dreams and aims until you allow them to do so. Just provide the best to your customers and always prepare yourself for adaptability.


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