9 Must-Have iPhone Accessories

wireless earphones mobile accessories - 9 Must-Have iPhone Accessories

As a complete mobile device, your iPhone has everything you need to stay productive and entertained wherever you are. Thanks to Siri and other apps, you can even rely on your phone to provide answers if you have questions, need directions to your destination, and want to know about the latest traffic and weather reports.

You can even use your iPhone to pay for your purchases when you go shopping and eat out. You can also shop with and order food for takeaway or delivery with your device.

Although an iPhone is undoubtedly a complete handy device, you can still get more from your gadget and even take its use to another level when you have the right good-quality mobile accessories.

But which accessories should you get first for your iPhone? Put these eight on top of your shopping list:

1.    Protective accessories

Protecting your iPhone should always be your priority. You can do this by getting a case and screen protector for your device.

A leather, rubber, or silicone case can help protect your iPhone from nicks, cracks, and other damages if you accidentally drop it. This accessory also comes in a variety of materials and designs, which means you can choose the best one that suits your needs and lifestyle.

To protect the screen, you need to install a screen guard or protector on your iPhone. The most popular and affordable product is the acetate front-only screen protector. You can use this in combination with a case.

However, if you want the best protector, opt for tempered glass. Aside from being a tough material, this product not only protects the screen; it also covers the side.

2.    Wireless earphones

If you use your iPhone to listen to your favorite tunes, to avoid disturbing others and immerse yourself better in your music, get some wireless earphones.

Top-of-the-line wireless earbuds can instantly upgrade your iPhone experience. They provide exceptional sound quality and do not come with wires that are cumbersome to use, fix, and pack.

Wireless earphones can also function as a Bluetooth headset. You can also use it to engage in hands-free conversations wherever you are.

3.    Bluetooth speaker

In case you want to use your iPhone to blast out your favorite tunes or provide better audio when you’re watching a movie or show, get a Bluetooth speaker.

With the right Bluetooth speaker, you will have a device that features excellent quality stereo sound. You can also use this accessory as a noise and echo-canceling speakerphone for calls. If you choose the right product, you can have one that has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last for many hours.

Many Bluetooth speakers also work as a portable charger. Because of this, you can use this device to recharge your phone.

4.    Dock or stand

There will be instances when you need both of your hands while using your iPhone. A dock, tripod, or stand will do the trick.

These accessories allow you to use your device hands-free. Use a dock, tripod, or stand to prop up your phone in either landscape or portrait view. You can then shoot videos and photos.

You can also use them for hands-free video conferencing, reading, browsing, and watching videos.

Another great thing about these accessories is that you can use them at home, in the office, or while traveling. They are light and easy to pack, making them ideal travel companions.

5.    Portable charger

If you’re always on the go and use your phone for hours on end, avoid running out of battery, especially during inconvenient times by having a portable charger.

Also known as a power bank, you can use this device to charge your iPhone when your battery is running low. The best ones can juice up your device faster than when you plug it directly into an outlet.

Portable chargers come in different sizes and capacities. As such, you can find one that meets your budget and other requirements in terms of bulkiness and charging duration.

6.    Car charger

In case you have your own set of wheels, another spare accessory you should consider getting is a charger specially designed for use in your car. Whether you own or rent a vehicle, this is a handy device to keep inside it.

The latest car chargers allow users to charge two devices at the same time. You can use it to charge your iPhone and iPad simultaneously if you have both Apple gadgets.

If you are driving at night, the car charger’s LED power indicator can help you find it even when it is really dark.

7.    Tile Pro

The Tile Pro is another accessory that can help you greatly if you have a car and keep plenty of keys.

This device is a Bluetooth tracker that features a replaceable battery, a loud alarm, and an extensive range for finding lost items.

When you sync the Tile Pro with your iPhone, you can use it to find a lost key or any item. However, make sure your phone is within 400 feet away from the item you are looking for in order for this device to work.

If the item is out of range, you can ask the other Pro Tile owners to help you find it.

8.    Rugged cable

Although Apple cables can give you years of service, they can easily get frayed and destroyed, especially if you’re not particularly careful using them. If you want a spare cable that you can take wherever you go and one that can last for a long time, invest in a high-quality, durable one.

Look for a cable covered or strengthened with tough material such as nylon, TPE, or silicone rubber so it doesn’t get tangled, frayed, or bent easily. Choose one that is dirt-resistant, as well.

9.    Selfie stick

Lastly, this accessory is now a must-have for anyone that loves taking photos.

An extendable selfie stick with a built-in Bluetooth remote control can help you capture amazing selfies wherever you are and whoever you are with, regardless of their number.

When shopping for one, make sure it can work with your iPhone and that it has a secure clamp that can hold your device. Ensure that it has features that are easy to use and that you are comfortable using it.

With these accessories, you can get more from your iPhone and have a handy device that you will love owning.


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