8 Principles of Governance in Dubai issued by Sheikh Mohammad

sheikh - 8 Principles of Governance in Dubai issued by Sheikh Mohammad

On Saturday Sheikh Mohammed issued out 8 principles of governance also known as Magna Carta. The rules have been in governance for over two centuries and the Sheikh claimed to have simplified them. His aim behind this was to summarize the principles in order to take into consideration every individual in the country and ensure that they are well safe guarded as well as their rights met. He urged future rulers to abide by the set principles in governing the country. The eight principles set aside by Sheikh Mohammed have been well summarized to capture all the needs of the citizens in the country and according to him should be used in all events.  The eight principles include:-

  1. Union

The first principle the Sheikh gave was that Dubai is a part of the UAE, with this said, it’s a strong pillar of the organization and therefore, its destiny is intertwined with Dubai. The laws of the union are above any local laws in Dubai. The union’s policies and interests are also similar to that of Dubai and its priorities are also Dubai’s priorities.

  1. No one is above the law

The second principle that the sheikh shed light on stated that no one is above the law. The principle emphasizes on justice and how a nation that places this as its core principle thrives in the future. According to the Sheikh, justice does not discriminate, whether rich or poor, Muslim or non-Muslim or citizen or resident.

  1. Dubai is a Business Capital

Dubai focuses on strengthening its economy not only for its residents and citizens but for anyone in the world who wants to carry out business in Dubai. The principle aims at strengthening the nation’s economy.

  1. Three Factors Drive Growth

The three factors that affect growth in Dubai are; an active government that is fair, and excellent in its vices as well as resilient, a private sector that not only runs fairly by itself but is also very active as well as public companies that create employment opportunities for citizens and compete globally with other companies.

  1. Unique Personality in the Society

The Dubai society is well known for being non discriminative and is bound by coherent morality clauses. Openness and tolerance is the thread that kneads this society together as well as focused in achieving the greater good in the country.

  1. Economic Diversification

This principle is aimed at strengthening the economy by creating job opportunities for its citizens. Its new goal is to ensure there is a new economy every three years which will highly contribute to the nation’s economy.

  1. A Land for Talent

Dubai continually encourages talented citizens, dreamers and any other craftsmanship in the country in order to create new opportunities and a good future for the nation.

  1. Caring about future Generations

The nation should work towards creating valuable assets for the future generations to come. A good stable economy along with implementing the eight principles will ensure that the future generations find a stable nation.



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