8 Ideas for Creating Cozy, Comfy Spaces at Home

home interior - 8 Ideas for Creating Cozy, Comfy Spaces at Home

A few changes are usually all it takes to transform any area of the house into a space of enjoyment and relaxation. Painting the interiors, decorating with artwork, and laying out a new rug are often more than enough. And, if you like the transformation these small tweaks created, you can keep going as you wish.


Ready to make an effort to improve the look and function of certain areas in your home? Rounded up below are eight ideas worth considering for a truly impressive result.


1. Revamp the windows.


Choosing different windows or window treatments can create a significant impact on the look and feel of a room. An increase in window size can bring in more illumination, as well as provide a better and more inspiring view of the outdoors.


But don’t limit the revamp to just changing the size and shape of the windows. According to top interior design firms in Dubai, colored glass should also be considered for the windows, especially if you wish to bring beautiful hues into your home without undertaking a paint job.


2. Cover the walls with fabric.


To change the look of walls, the standard options are interior decorative paint and wallpaper. But due to the popularity of contemporary Asian aesthetics, fabric-covered walls have become in-demand for home interior makeovers.


Straw-colored fabric is a top pick among those who want the opportunity to adorn rooms with various decorative pieces. It has a minimalist style, which is quite a versatile base for further decorating.


Meanwhile, a lot of fashion-forward homeowners are known to gravitate toward luxurious embroidered fabrics in jewel colors to turn simple rooms into impressively stylish spaces.


3. Change all the metal hardware of the room.


Replacing all the old metal hardware pieces in the room can also create a gorgeous impact. The switch from silver to gold gives a more classic elegant appeal. Meanwhile, opting for rose gold hardware is an excellent way to make any room appear more feminine, but when paired with brushed and flat stainless steel, the room can take on a modern, sophisticated vibe.


Matte black hardware is quite trendy, and it’s a fabulous option for Scandinavian-inspired interiors with a lot of white and grey.


4. Work in custom wooden cabinetry.


To make better use of space while also elevating beauty and style, invest in bespoke storage. According to the leading interior fit-out company in Dubai, bespoke solutions such as custom wooden cabinetry will not only help in keeping rooms organized and visually pleasing, but they can also address space shape and size flaws.


With such an interior fit-out solution, you can easily balance a “wonky” space or create a room with a better-defined shape. It can also get rid of those little nooks where dust and other types of dirt settle, making the room so much easier to clean.


5. Expand the look of the room with mirrors.


Although using mirrors to create the illusion of a more spacious room is not a new idea, a lot of people still neglect to implement this strategy. So, if you wish to make over a small nook of your house, mirrors can do wonders for its dimensions.


You have the option to cover an entire wall with a mirror, or you can install mirrors that look like French windows for a cozy charm. But if you want to give the tiny area a more modern and masculine style so that it’s more inviting for the male members of the household, opt for grey mirrors.


6. Work in vivid hues.


One of the reliable ways to make a room more eye-catching is by introducing vivid hues or bright colors. You can use an unexpected color of paint to create an accent wall. Alternatively, think about reupholstering furniture with luxurious textiles with colorful patterns; these are stunning integrations for rooms painted with subtle colors and that have furniture sets in neutral tones.


For 2020 and 2021, some of the top choices for bright colors to use are Scarlet Red, Saffron, Biscay Green, Classic Blue, Orange Peel, and Coral Pink. All of these hues make spectacular splashes of color for a predominantly muted and neutral room color scheme.


Besides paint, you can also use wallpaper and rugs, which do not only come in an attractive range of colors, patterns, and textures, but can also be used in a variety of creative ways. Mosaic tiles are worth considering as well since they come in different sizes, colors, patterns, and shapes.


7. Make a statement with the door.


Create an inviting entrance to an often overlooked area of your home by using impressive doors. For something quaint and charming, you can’t go wrong with French doors. But, if you want to bring in a big personality to the space the door opens into, a solid door in bright colors will do the trick.


Some of the best choices for colored doors are the trendy 2020 hues enumerated above, as well as pastels such as mint green, soft lilac, salmon, Hawthorne yellow, and sage.


8. Make it bright.


Finally, lighting implements are definitely a must in creating enjoyable spaces, and there are numerous options to choose from. Twinkling string lights are always a good choice if you’re sprucing up the area for the young members of the family. Luminaries and LED battery-operated candle lights make fantastic options as well.


If you want something more sophisticated, then invest in lamps, sconces, and small but elegant downlights. These lighting implements will really make the area stand out, especially at night and when the weather is chilly, which is ideal for bundling up and retreating to a small room.



Creating a life that can bring you joy and a lot of lovely memories involves making different efforts to change the style and overall vibe of your living space, and it can have a huge impact. With the ideas shared above, you can find it easier to craft a workable action plan for the improvement of your surroundings and quality of life.


Which among the ideas shared here are you excited to try soon?




Rachel Hennessey manages the Pools and Landscaping Division of Hennessey LLC. She also works on Tender and Pre-Qualification and brings in new business to the company’s Construction, Interiors, and Civils Division.

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