5 Wholesome Party Ideas

private party ideas

5 Wholesome Party Ideas That Are Sure Winners Among Tweens and Teens


Although at times it may seem incredibly challenging to throw a shindig for tweens and teens due to the disconnect between the older generation and theirs, it has actually gotten a whole lot easier to do because of the abundance of party solutions available nowadays.

For one, you have Pinterest to guide you. This social media site is a treasure trove of ideas on how to throw age-appropriate parties. Not only that, if you need help with DIY catering, decorating, and games to stick to your budget, Pinterest has got you covered.

Two, various commercial establishments offer customizable party deals. They can take care of up to 70 percent of party planning for you. They would even connect you with the appropriate vendors to help put together a winner of a celebration for the young ones.

And three, if you are in need of ideas on what kind of party to throw for tweens and teens, provided below are seven that are quite popular among the younger generation.


1. VR Day

Virtual reality games are all the rage among young people. These games can provide everybody with a variety of thrilling life-like experiences such as a ride on the most outrageous rollercoaster in the world, a visit to a haunted house, a walk on a tight-rope, a rescue operation involving a cat stuck on the side of a building, and many others.

A party at a VR arcade or renting VR games and equipment for a house party ensures endless fun for tweens and teens. It’s a fantastic option for squeals and thrills because all of those can happen right where it’s much safer.


2. Spa-rty

If your post-millennials are mostly girly girls, a spa-rty is one of the best options for a birthday, end-of-the-schoolyear, or any kind of celebration. There are beauty salons and spas that offer such group party packages, which include a delightful variety of beautification and pampering services.

At a spa-rty, tweens can even get a funky makeover, while teens can polish up their appearance with the help of veteran beauty experts. It’s vital to add, too, that a spa-rty package is not just about the physical upgrade and relaxation, it often includes a fancy spread of decadent eats as well.

Top salons and spas often work with hip cafes and bakeshops to provide food for the party. The kids can enjoy everything — from French macarons, cookies, cakes to Instagrammable beverages.


3. Movie Viewing Party

There are so many movies coming out soon that are up the alley of tweens, and teens and they offer the perfect opportunity for a movie viewing party. There are two options for such a party. You can throw it in the comfort of your own home and use your state-of-the-art audio-visual system, or you can go for a private cinema hire. Between the two options, you may be better off with the latter if you have a generous budget, and you are after convenience.

In Dubai, there are luxury cinemas that offer party packages. They take care of everything you need for a classy and fun event. Plus, if the young host and guests have special requests such as exclusive electronic invites, gourmet food, a red carpet welcome, special freebies or free movie merchandise, such cinemas can cater to all of them.

Luxury cinemas are perfect for movie viewing parties for young people because of the high-quality image and sound, and comfy seats.


4. Scavenger Hunt Party

This wholesome party idea transcends generations — also, it uses the brain and the body, which is why it’s a fantastic option to consider. This will require careful planning and preparation, though, especially if you want to go all out for the hunt. Hollywood actress, Sela Ward is an expert at hosting this party, and you can take her advice as follows:

  • Find the most unexpected hiding places.
  • Use riddles for clues (the cheesier, the better).
  • Provide basic modes of transportation (bikes, skateboards, scooters, and even skates)
  • Choose a safe venue (ideally a park or somebody’s private farm)
  • Prepare fun prizes (movie premiere tickets at a luxury cinema, gift certificates from a popular store, or special gift baskets)
  • Culminate the event with a picnic or a grand banquet.


5. Escape Room Party

Escape rooms are incredibly popular among young people. It’s an exciting way to test their relationships and problem-solving skills. You can book escape rooms to accommodate a large party and pit groups against each other in good fun to see who’ll work better in getting out of the rooms quicker.

An escape room party can eat up a lot of time and energy, though, so make sure you have a spread of tasty treats prepared so everyone can replenish their strength as they rehash the challenge of getting out of the rooms.

So, these are some of the winning party ideas for young people. You can rest assured that with these options, everybody will have a grand time together.





Paul Fox is the Director of Roxy Cinemas under Meraas Group/DXB Entertainments. Roxy Cinemas currently has five Dubai locations: The Beach, La Mer, City Walk, Box Park, and Bollywood Parks.









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