5 Ways to Educate Your Children about Peer Pressure

5 Ways to Educate Your Children about Peer Pressure-parenting tips-YesGulf

Raising smarter and happier children is a tough job. Not all the parents can deal with peer pressure their children face in schools. Today, it is an enormous issue for the young children as well.  In multicultural cities like Dubai, peer pressure is high among school-going youngsters because schools are multinational place with students from different backgrounds and with varying attitudes.

Socialization and Peer Pressure-parenting tips-YesGulf

Socialization and Peer Pressure:

Urge to be accepted and fit in is solid part of human nature. It’s the root cause of peer pressure. All people love the appreciation and value given to them but the children being immature can easily fall victim to it. Yes, it is a suffering for children as they might enter into the insecurity zone and desperately want to be part of the ‘in-group ’. Under this stress, your child can adopt dangerous habits just to prove that he is ‘cool’ and not a mama’s boy.

Healthy socialization is essential for all. Similarly, social side of schooling is important for students and it is enjoyable for them. Positive peer contact plays significant role in young chicks’ personality development. It’s a normal thing for refined growth of the children but if they are forced to think and act in a particular way, then a huge problem is on the way. Parents! Brace yourself, you have to keep your child’s well-cultured persona safe and intact.

 Gender and Peer Pressure-parenting tips-YesGulf

Gender and Peer Pressure:

It is another truth that male child could be more prone to peer pressure compared to female one. Boys appear to be more outgoing, impulsive and reactive. So you need to be more vigilant to keep your kids safe from negative impressions of the social side of schools.

Young blood normally doesn’t put ear to elders, so I would suggest you to groom your children by guiding him as soon as they start learning all the new things around. Let them embrace the good behavior and elegant dressing. Meanwhile, keep telling them in a way friendly way about anything wrong with undesirable future consequences.

Enlightened Home Environment-parenting tips-YesGulf

What else?

  1. Enlightened Home Environment

Kid’s desire to blend in the peer group is the biggest ever problem that takes off for the parents as they reach the age to play with neighboring age-fellows or to study in culturally diverse schools. If you do not want your kids to learn bad things, for instance, bullying from little monsters around then give them healthy environment at home. Parents should appear as role model saying no to immoral practices and absurd manners

Remember, that teens can never be the good listener until you are extremely blessed but they do imitate you. Keep telling him about the consequences of wild craving to appear and behave as others do.

  1. Introduce The Concept:

You can help your children by allowing him to stand up for his preferences. Let him deal with whatever is hitting his way. But, this is only acceptable if a child knows everything about peer pressure beforehand.

So, you have to tell him what this predicament is and isn’t. What would be the possible penalties on blind adoption of the foul things or habits. Appropriate and timely explanation of peer pressure will help you to teach him, as he grows older, more about its true aspects and long-lasting effects.

  1. Ask him To Overlook:

Now, as your child understands material to social pressures to be faced, perhaps for the entire life. This is the point you have to be more open to him so that you can easily guide him about what to do.

Once he will learn that wisdom lies in considering and learning what to overlook. For instance, explain him that it is okay for a classmate to show off his new pencil box but it is not acceptable if he says “Your Dora pencil case isn’t cool because it’s for girls only’. Tell him that teasing and insulting comments like ‘you are gross’ are not to be accepted and endorsed.

  1. Talk About His Experiences

Discuss his routine activities performed in school if not daily than at least twice a week. Ask them about his class-mates he admires and why, and whom they don’t like and for what reason.

Bring his good decisions regarding friendships to limelight and pat his shoulder for positive choices. This will help him to discern what actions are admirable and which traits are less desirable.

Don’t snub him if he ever comes to you with an argument or anything against social norms, family setup or personal dignity etc., listen to him with open mind and heart and he will surely return the favor wherein you can direct him to the right side.

  1. Prepare Him To Resist:

As you give him the freedom of expression, he will inform you of every happening of his life. As he will share his experiences and feelings with you, you can move a step forward to teach him how to resist the erroneous vibes of peer group without aggression.

You cannot make path for him, but you can prepare him for the challenging path. You can educate him about peer pressure by allowing him to drive his choices by his dreams and not the fears.

The Verdict:

There is no such thing as perfect and you simply cannot protect children from external influences. But, you can inform him about harsh facts of life.

School environment must be stimulating and beneficial for apt learning. But, not all the children find school a happy place. If this is so, dig deeply into the matter as it could be the indication that your child is facing peer pressure and he needs you. You must be in his reach all the times.