5 Tips to Get Back Your Natural Skin Complexion

o5 - 5 Tips to Get Back Your Natural Skin Complexion

For so many reasons, you may have lost your natural glow and skin tone. This often is the case with working women. The scorch summer weather can significantly burn your fair complexion especially the facial part being uncovered.

Want to know how to deal with this badly-behaved thing? You can look like the real-you by getting back your natural skin appearance by following the steps below.

1. Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturize

Skin cleansing and moisturizing are daily-to-do things. While exfoliation will be fine twice a week. Do not overdo as it might damage your skin and make it more prone to sensitivity. Remember, precaution is always better than the cure and wherein facial skin is involved, extra care becomes must.

Better to exfoliate your whole body skin manually (avoid using electric devices) with focus on face, feet and hands. You can use a quality face wash with exfoliating particles in it.

More apt way is to make your own exfoliator by adding one teaspoon of ground almonds/oatmeal to your regular cleanser. It will help you to lighten the skin and as the dead cells takes off, your naturally normal skin tone will be back soon.

5 Tips to Get Back Your Natural Skin Complexion-YesGulf

2.  Change your Routine and Attire

Do not go out unnecessarily and always protect yourself from sun. Mostly discoloration and facial skin darkening is caused by sun’s ultraviolet rays. The best way is to wear large yet stylish hat and do use sunblock with minimum SPF of 30. SPF 15 is mild and also good but may not defend you against UVA and UVB sun rays specifically in summer.

Drink a lot of water because dehydration can have harmful effects on your skin. And, summer is officially the season of dryness for everything to every person.

protect yourself from sun

3.  Do Tan-Removing-Facial Every Weekend

I do recommend weekend facial to all women who desperately want to get rid of tanned skin and bright it up to the original. It is not a tough task at all and all you need is to have a cleanser, scrub, tan removing face pack, toner and lotion/moisturizer to do it yourself. If affordable, you can visit a salon to take pleasure of professional services. You will see wonders happening to your skin.

For quick removal, I regularly apply thin paste of sandalwood and rose water every night on my face for about 15 minutes. It also keeps my skin soft and young-looking. With kitchen ingredients, you can make a face pack/mud mask to gain amazing results. Below is the simplest recipe

Mix 1 teaspoon of fuller’s earth, 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder, 1/2 teaspoon of Tulsi (basil) and make a paste by adding sufficient rose water plus few drops of glycerin. For fast results, you can apply this mask twice a week after proper cleansing and do not forget to dab toner and moisturizer in the end.

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4.  Eat Fresh, Green, Healthy and At Regular Intervals:

Improve you eating behavior by avoiding energy drinks and cokes. Minimize, in fact I would ask you to quit taking processed food. Fast food is lethal and so is the excessive sugar intake.

The best way to make your body and its outer shell ‘skin’ healthy, radiant and young is to eat fresh fruits, green vegetables regulary. Random eating intervals can break down your metabolism that’s not good for overall human health.

5 Tips to Get Back Your Natural Skin Complexion-Skin Care Beauty Tips-Yesgulf

5.  Sleep in Time and Do Natural Treatments:

What next? You need to sleep tight and right. Yes poor sleeping habits can have drastic effects on your health and beauty.

  • Bathe regularly in morning and night too
  • Rinse your skin with lemon juice
  • Rub your skin with raw potato
  • Slather the pure Aloe Vera all over your skin (rinse off as it dries)
  • Apply turmeric+olive oil paste (leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing)

5 Tips to Get Back Your Natural Skin Complexion-Skin Care Beauty Tips-Yesgulf

Many other remedies are also available but these are my personally experienced. You can also use these all with confidence.