5 Things to Know About CMMS Software in 2020

If this is the year that you start automating your processes, increasing your organization’s efficiency, and planning for long-term growth, then this must also be the year that you implement CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System).


To learn more, read on for five things to know about CMMS software in 2020.

1. What is CMMS software?

CMMS is a software tool that is employed to track the maintenance of company property as well as to handle inventory and assets related to the operation of the business. This software automates many of the repetitive tasks that are crucial for organizations such as producing and tracking work orders, conducting inventory control, and scheduling maintenance activities. Prior to the introduction of CMMS software, these stressful and tedious tasks were often manual processes and had to be undertaken by maintenance staff.


Now, with the introduction of CMMS software, more and more companies are opting to automate these processes so as to free up employee time and resources. There is no denying that it is an easier and more convenient way to manage maintenance activities and inventory control. Over the past decade, technological advances have meant that CMMS software is more accessible, more affordable, and easier to use for companies of all sizes.

2. What capabilities does CMMS software have?

There is a wide range of capabilities that a CMMS software can provide to your business, depending on your firm’s requirements. The best physical asset management companies will work with you to ensure all your needs are met. However, some of the most important capabilities include asset management, preventative maintenance, work order management, and inventory management. This software can also assist you in building effective safety programs, conducting real-time maintenance data and reporting processes, capturing information automatically, and tracking costs.


At its core, CMMS software seeks to make a company’s workload more convenient by scheduling activities, recording maintenance history, tracking workloads, and managing inventory. For example, your CMMS system will have an accessible interface that enables your employees to quickly examine how many items are in storage, which items were utilized during repairs, and when things must be replaced. Overseeing your inventory in this manner serves to make your business run more efficiently, while also reducing related costs and expenses.

3. What are the benefits of CMMS software?

CMMS software is a valuable tool for companies that conduct maintenance across their business. If CMMS software is appropriately implemented and integrated, companies that introduce a CMMS system to their processes can profit from a variety of benefits. These benefits include a notable uptick in maintenance productivity, a decrease in equipment downtime, savings in material costs, and a decline in maintenance/repairs operations.


What’s more, by implementing CMMS software, your company will notice that your assets are being utilized more effectively. Plus, your repair costs will be reduced as you will have advanced planned maintenance scheduling tools at your disposal. Moreover, it will streamline your purchasing procedures and assist you in designing preventative maintenance programs.


Furthermore, a CMMS solution supplies the necessary tools for conducting regular assessments of the health of your assets. These tools register the probability of equipment breakdown, report conditions, and outline refurbishment maintenance.

4. Who should use CMMS software?

There is a reason that CMMS software solutions can be found in almost every industry, and that is because it brings substantial benefits to a wide variety of organizations. CMMS software can be found in sectors such as manufacturing, government, hotels, energy plants, hospitals and clinics, telecommunications, and building and facility management. In other words, if your organization has to deal with any form of maintenance activities, then a CMMS software is necessary for you.


Within your organization, the CMMS users will include facility and maintenance management employees as well as maintenance staff and asset planners. Your CMMS vendor will be able to advise you on whom to give access to and in what ways it can be utilized within your organization.

5. What should I consider when evaluating CMMS software?

When it comes time to look for a CMMS software, it is critical to understand that it isn’t as simple as selecting one from a list. Instead, you need to consider your current Operations and Maintenance (O&M) program and investigate what you need your CMMS software to provide you with in order to improve your processes.


Therefore, when considering potential CMMS software options, you want to evaluate whether or not it is appropriate for your industry as different ones are geared to specific enterprises. Additionally, examine a software’s ease of use and whether the solution will be easy to learn and quick to implement. Other important factors include the price of the software, the effectiveness of the customer support system, the scalability potential, and whether data can be moved from the CMMS system to another system.

Does your organization currently utilize CMMS software? Why or why not? Do share your thoughts and any relevant experiences in the comments below.



Andrew Piechowiak is the General Manager – Asset Management Business at SGE Group International, a multidisciplinary group of companies with core business interests in Asset Lifecycle Management, Land Development and Software. Aladdin is SGE’s proprietary Asset Lifecycle Management software, designed to empower FM, Maintenance and Asset teams across multiple industry sectors.


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