5 Sunscreen Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

5 sunscreen mistakes to avoid this summer-YesGulf

As the sun shines brightly than ever, there is no way you must opt to leave sunscreen because you feel that you will be safe from hazardous effects because it is only a matter of 10 or 20 minutes in the sun before you reach your air conditioned offices and colleges. Well, if you could have survived if it was the same conditions as last few decades. But the high damage to the ozone layer in the present times has increased the chances of unsafe sun rays penetrating your skin and causing premature aging or malicious skin cancer.

Let’s grasp the most common sunscreen mistakes you are recklessly making this summer and why you need some addition in your skincare tips:

The time factor:

Yes, we all are in a hurry but those who mismanage the time are usually the ones applying sunscreen while they are already out in sun or just a few minutes before. Jeannette Graf who is an assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical center in New York informs that in order for the sunscreen to be absorbed in the skin, it is crucial to apply it 30 minutes before your exposure to the sun.

The same bottle every summer:

Just because you are too lazy to get a new one, you keep using the sunscreen that you have been using for the past summer as well or even before. The effectiveness of the ingredients will decrease with time. Moreover, you might have just kept it in your bag not realizing every sunscreen comes with a prescribed way to be stored for best results. An expired sunscreen will not be able to protect you from the sun so get a new one and throw the old one in the trash can.

Only relying on sunscreen-YesGulf

Only relying on sunscreen:

So, if you will only rely on your sun screen and not get a pair of glasses or hat then this is also a big mistake. There are always a few missed spots that can get you in trouble. So, in order to get enhanced protection, make sure you have a pair of glasses and a hat to minimize the amount of rays reaching your skin. Moreover, when you apply the sunscreen do not apply it after you have worn hat and sunglasses because that would be a little risky. Apply the sunscreen before that so that you cover all the areas of your skin.

Using a high SPF:

While we all are tempted to buy a sunscreen with highest SPF, we do not realize that there is not much difference. Experts suggest to use SPF 30 as it provides 98 % protection if applied generously and not just a dab. SPF 60 provides one percent more protection which is not a wise way to simply waste your money. Moreover, using spray sunscreens is also not recommended for this very reason as they ensure many spots are missed and if inhaled they can be very toxic.

You only leave it for sunny days:

Just because the sun is hiding behind the clouds, it means you can skip sunscreen for a day. UV rays are invisible and come without any smell or taste, take note of that. You never know when you are exposed to them so just because you do not see the sun, do not think, there are no UV rays during the day.

Other skincare tips are also crucial along with avoiding these fundamental sunscreen mistakes to stay safe from the sun.