5 reasons for using Opera Max

5 reasons for using Opera Max-YesGulf

In this busy world, everyone whether in corporate sector or a stay at home mom needs a faster and quick app on their smartphone that costs them nominally. An average user spends 53 % of their mobile data on video and this number is increasing rapidly with every passing minute. Opera Max is a data management and data savings app that work to compress videos and photos on any app on mobile data connection and Wi-Fi. Opera Max is now capable of compressing You Tube and Netflix videos as well.

While the biggest reason to use Opera Max is that it is free and offers high quality, here are five more reasons to make use of the data saving app:

Wi-Fi data savings option:

The new version has Wi-Fi data savings option. Wi-Fi savings is the highly demanded feature owing to 80% of all data usage on Wi-Fi networks. Using Opera Max will help you have a faster experience of Wi-Fi. You can keep a check of how much Wi-Fi or mobile internet you have used for a month or per day. It further monitors how many GBs or MBs of data a particular app uses. So, Opera max not only conserves your data but also helps in extending data plan.

App blocking:

The new App blocking feature will help you prevent apps from tracking your online behavior. Furthermore, it will allow you to stop apps from running in the background. You have a significant control over your smartphone through ‘Blocked Apps’ feature. This further helps you conserve your battery which was being previously used as apps were running in the background of your smartphone.

Protect your privacy:

Opera Max will never optimize encrypted data. Any data traveling through a secure connection is directly sent to the site or the service that your smartphone communicates with. With Opera Max, you do not have to worry about your web security when it comes to using the smartphone for accessing bank account or other social media accounts as they will be not subjected to any theft.

Power efficiency:

Opera Max does not reduce your battery which is a crucial feature to most users. The battery usage remains the same in the absence or presence of Opera Max on your smartphone. Furthermore, when you watch videos, the battery usage will be slightly less. As CPU uses lesser power than data transmission processes, therefore high traffic savings will have a positive effect on battery usage.

Opera Max is a data management tool -YesGulf

Data management tool:

 Data management tool will give you a control over what exactly is using your data. All time section feature enables you to see how much data has been used or saved during your time of app usage. You can have superior control by excluding certain apps from using Opera Max savings under the savings tab.

In essence, Opera Max is for those smartphone users who seek better management and control over their smartphone data usage. This latest data compression technology is particularly designed for your android best mobile phone. Opera Max works by compressing data across entire smartphone including apps, browsers and videos. As Opera Max compresses everything on user’s smartphones, this will facilitate the user in benefitting from a smoother and faster browsing experience that is the top priority of a smartphone user these days.